Governor Mills Signs Bills Into Law

Governor Janet Mills has signed the following bills into law:

To date, Governor Mills has signed a total of 548 bills into law during the during the 131st Legislature.

With the Legislature having adjourned sine die, the Governor has ten days to decide whether to sign legislation sent to her desk. If the Governor does not sign a piece of legislation in the next ten days, then the bill is held until the beginning of the Second Regular Session of the 131st Legislature, which is scheduled to convene in January 2024.

When the Second Regular Session convenes, the Governor then has three days to take action on the held legislation. At that time, the Governor will have two options available to her to take action on a bill: she can allow it to become law without her signature or she can veto it. If she allows it to become law without her signature, the bill will take effect 90 days following the end of the Second Regular Session. If she vetoes a bill, then the Legislature will proceed with its consideration of whether to sustain or override the veto at its will.