Kirsten Figueroa

Photo of Commissioner Figueroa

Department of Administrative and Financial Services

Commissioner Figueroa is responsible for developing the state’s biennial budget, coordinating the financial planning and programming activities of state agencies, overseeing the administration of tax laws, directing technology services and infrastructure, advising the Maine Legislature on the financial statutes of state government, and recruiting and retaining one of Maine's largest and most diverse workforces. Figueroa has more than 22 years of experience in financial and analytical roles, including budgeting; coordinating, improving, and maintaining partnerships; policy development; strategic planning; technology project management; and general operations oversight. Previously, as Chief of the Attorney General’s Administrative and Financial Services Division, she oversaw general administration, accounting, budget, human resources, and technology efforts within the Office of the Attorney General, including administering the payroll and benefits of the eight District Attorneys and the Assistant District Attorneys.

Phone: (207) 624-7800