Registering as a Lobbyist

A lobbyist and their employer (client) register by filing a joint registration and paying a registration fee of $250 and an additional $125 fee for each lobbyist associate. (Please read the definitions of lobbying, lobbyist, and legislative action and the Lobbying FAQs to determine if you qualify as a lobbyist.) The joint registration must be filed within 15 business days of the lobbyist completing more than eight (8) hours of lobbying on behalf of a client in a calendar month. Please note that the eight (8) hour threshold only applies to when a lobbyist and client must register.  Once a lobbyist is registered, all lobbying activity must be reported, regardless of the number of hours spent lobbying during a month. Joint registrations may be filed by using the online registration feature.

Every joint registration expires at the end of the lobbying year (November 30). Registrations may also be terminated if the employer notifies the Commission that it is no longer engaging the lobbyist.

Every registered lobbyist is required to file monthly reports with the Commission beginning the month of registration through the end of the lobbying year. Please see the "Monthly Reports" section for more information.

Lobbyists and Lobbyist Associates are required to certify the completion of harassment training when they register. Current training sessions can be found here.