Monthly Reports

Every registered lobbyist is required to file monthly reports beginning the month of registration through the end of the lobbying year (November 30). Reports are due by 11:59 p.m. on the 15th day of the month following the month covered by the report ( e.g., the report for April is due on May 15th). There are two types of monthly reports: long-form reports and short-form reports.

Long-form reports: If a registered lobbyist engages in any lobbying during a month, that activity must be reported in a long-form report. Lobbying activity includes all compensated time spent lobbying regardless of whether that time exceeds 8 hours in a month. Information on the long-form report includes:

  • the amount of compensation received during the month;
  • other expenses incurred in the course of lobbying;
  • legislative actions and documents that were the subject of lobbying during the month; and
  • money or things of value given to or on behalf of Legislators.

Short-form reports: A short-form report may only be filed if a registered lobbyist has not done any lobbying during a month. By filing a short-form report, the lobbyist is affirming that no lobbying or services in support of lobbying were performed during the month.

Lobbyists who file late reports will be assessed a penalty of $50 the first 24 hours a report is late and $100 per month after the first 24 hours.

At the end of each legislative session, if the lobbyist anticipates conducting no further lobbying for a client through the end of the lobbying year, a lobbyist may request a waiver of the requirement to file monthly reports. If a lobbyist engages in lobbying after requesting a waiver, the lobbyist must notify the Commission and resume filing monthly reports.

All reports, including requests for waiver, must be filed using the e-filing system.