Monthly Reports 

Every registered lobbyist is required to file monthly reports beginning the month of registration through the end of the lobbying year (November 30). Reports are due by 11:59 p.m. on the 15th day of the month following the month covered by the report ( e.g., the report for April is due on May 15th). There are two types of monthly reports: long-form reports and short-form reports.

Long-form reports: If a registered lobbyist engages in any lobbying during a month, that activity must be reported in a long-form report. Lobbying activity includes all compensated time spent lobbying regardless of whether that time exceeds 8 hours in a month. Information on the long-form report includes:

  • the amount of compensation received during the month;
  • other expenses incurred in the course of lobbying;
  • legislative actions and documents that were the subject of lobbying during the month; and
  • money or things of value given to or on behalf of Legislators.

Short-form reports: A short-form report may only be filed if a registered lobbyist has not done any lobbying during a month. By filing a short-form report, the lobbyist is affirming that no lobbying or services in support of lobbying were performed during the month.

Lobbyists who file late reports will be assessed a penalty of $50 the first 24 hours a report is late and $100 per month after the first 24 hours.

At the end of each legislative session, if the lobbyist anticipates conducting no further lobbying for a client through the end of the lobbying year, a lobbyist may request a waiver of the requirement to file monthly reports. If a lobbyist engages in lobbying after requesting a waiver, the lobbyist must notify the Commission and resume filing monthly reports.

All reports, including requests for waiver, must be filed using the e-filing system.

Grassroots Lobbying Reports

Grassroots lobbying is when a person communicates with members of the general public by radio or television, print media, direct mail, email, a website or any other digital format, telephone, or similar service to solicit (to urge or ask) them to communicate directly with any covered official for the purpose of influencing legislative action. Grassroots lobbying does not include communications to the general public regarding legislation resulting from a citizen initiative or communications by an organization to its stockholders, employees, board members, officers or dues-paying members.

A lobbyist who is required to disclose Grassroots Lobbying must do so by the deadline of their next regularly scheduled report.  A lobbyist may file the disclosure through the Commission's Disclosure Website.  

Expenditure Reports 

A lobbyist, lobbyist associate, or lobbying firm that makes an expenditure directly to or on behalf of a covered official or a member of the covered official’s immediate family shall file a supplemental expenditure report if the value exceeds $300 and the lobbyist or lobbyist associate does not expect to be reimbursed by any employer (client). The report is due no later than 11:59 p.m. on the 15th calendar day of the month following the month in which the expenditure was made or incurred. If the person who makes the expenditures is the lobbying firm, then the firm shall select one lobbyist who was primarily responsible for making the expenditure to file the expenditure report.