Closed School Transcripts

If you are looking for a GED or HiSet transcript please contact DiplomaSender We do not have access to these records.

If you are looking for a high school transcript, please contact the local school administrative unit (the high school or school district) as we do not maintain these transcripts.


When a Maine post-secondary school or college ceases operation, the Maine Department of Education seeks to acquire and preserve the academic records, including student transcripts, of the closed institution. Look for the name of the post-secondary institution you attended in the list to the right and contact the appropriate records location to obtain a copy of your transcript. The Department does not have records from all closed schools.

Official transcripts differ from ordinary copies of your transcript. If you need to have an official transcript sent to a third party, such as a prospective employer, a certification body or another school, be sure to specify that information in your request. The Maine DOE will send an official copy to any address that you specify. It will arrive in an envelope that has been signed on the flap. The transcript itself will bear an embossed stamp of the State Seal as well as the signature of the Department's higher education professional. Transcript requests can take 5 business days or longer depending on the information that is submitted. Transcripts will not be sent until payment is made. 

If you do not specifically request an "official" transcript, the Maine DOE will send you an unsigned photocopy of your academic record.

Note: If an academic institution or prospective employer has requested an "official" transcript, do not unseal the envelope. Deliver it to the recipient unopened. If the envelope is open, many organizations will no longer consider the document to be official.