Non-Accredited Colleges & Degree Mills

The Higher Education Opportunity Act defines a diploma mill as follows:

DIPLOMA MILL- The term `diploma mill' means an entity that--

  • (A)(i) offers, for a fee, degrees, diplomas, or certificates, that may be used to represent to the general public that the individual possessing such a degree, diploma, or certificate has completed a program of postsecondary education or training; and (ii) requires such individual to complete little or no education or coursework to obtain such degree, diploma, or certificate; and
  • (B) lacks accreditation by an accrediting agency or association that is recognized as an accrediting agency or association of institutions of higher education (as such term is defined in section 102) by--
  • (i) the Secretary pursuant to subpart 2 of part H of title IV; or (ii) a Federal agency, State government, or other organization or association that recognizes accrediting agencies or associations.

By its very nature, a list will never be complete or all-encompassing since existing non-accredited colleges and degree mills disappear, and new ones are created, at a rapid rate--especially on the Internet. Please investigate all possible resources when choosing a school and report any perceived inaccuracies to the Maine Department of Education by phone 207-624-6607