Reporting Lost or Stolen Devices

If school technology staff believe that one of the school's MLTI devices has been lost or stolen:


1.  Follow the recovery steps listed below specific to your school’s MLTI solution.


HP Lost/Stolen Device Procedure

Apple Lost/Stolen Procedure


2.  If the device isn’t recovered in Step #1, a police report will need to be filed with the local law enforcement office, either by the school or by the student/parent.  The report should include the serial number (or asset tag) of the missing device, any parts or accessories that will need to be replaced, and a brief description of the incident (where was the device last seen, etc).


3.  If the device is not recovered within a reasonable period of time, you must replace the device (either through a buffer request or by a paid replacement) so that the stock of devices covered by the lease remains constant.