Health Education Advocacy


These advocacy resources may support health education and healthy practices in schools as well as the important connections between the health and well-being of students and academic achievement.

  • Coalition on National Health Education. This site shares resources to promote the health education profession in order to expand and improve health education, regardless of setting.
  • Health & Academics. The academic success of America’s youth is strongly linked to their health. Scientific reviews have documented that school health programs can have positive effects on educational outcomes, as well as health-risk behaviors and health outcomes. This site offers data, research, strategies and more to support the importance of health and health education to academic achievement.
  • Society of Public Health Education Advocacy & Policy Resources. Categorized resources for learning school health policies and advocating for policies that will positively affect students in an academic setting. These resources can be used by health educators working in schools as well as stakeholders and decision makers.
  • The Whole Child Approach. The Association for Supervision and Curriculum has embraced the promotion of the Whole Child Approach to education, which ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged; sets the standard for comprehensive, sustainable school improvement; and provides for long-term student success.