Sample Student Questionnaire

  1. Which gifted and talented class was your favorite class?
  1. In general, the pace of the classes (how quickly the teacher moved through the content) was (choose one):
                                         too fast       challenging             appropriate           too slow
  1. In general, what was the level of difficulty of the reading material?
                                        too difficult     challenging         appropriate             too easy
  1. In general, what was the level of difficulty of writing assignments or projects?
                                       too difficult      challenging            appropriate          too easy
  1. Did taking the gifted and talented classes improve your ability to become a self directed learner?
                                          not really                  somewhat               very much
  1. Do you wish the gifted and talented classes were longer or shorter, and why?
  1. The amount of work assigned to you in the gifted and talented program was
                             too much                       just right                          not enough
  1. Was the teacher interested in your needs and interests?
  1. What is your least favorite part of the gifted and talented program?
  1. If you could change up to three things about the gifted and talented program, what would it be?