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Become a LHO

To become a Local Health Officer you must:

  1. Be appointed by your town for a three-year term

Reporting Appointments to State Agencies

  1. Municipalities are required to report the appointment of their LHOs to Maine CDC through the Local Health Officer Online Registration and Information System (LHORIS).


Required LHO Core Online Training

Newly appointed LHOs must complete LHO Core Online Training within 6 months of their initial appointment date in order to continue legally in that position. Maine CDC provides the required at no cost. Reappointed LHOs are expected to complete the Core Online Training every 3-years.

You can complete the online training by clicking on this link LHO Online Training You can also print this material by clicking here Complete Handbook*.

After you complete this training you will:

  • Have a basic understanding of your legal authorities, and your overall role and responsibilities;
  • Know how to addresses commonly occurring situations, such as nuisances;
  • Apply appropriate actions in terms of enforcing the law;
  • Have strategies for addressing complaints; and
  • Be familiar with your role should you be informed of a public health emergency by Maine CDC; including communications between the LHOs and Maine CDC during a public health emergency.


Request for Waiver from Education Requirements

The Maine LHO Program requires that all appointed LHOs take the LHO Core Training as part of the certification process. However, in some situations, Maine CDC may waive the qualification standards. The purpose of the waiver is to provide flexibility for the city/town LHO without undermining the basic intent of the law. This means that a person who is:

Submit a Waiver Request Form

Complete the following steps:

  1. Submit a Letter of Appointment
  2. Provide proof that you have either completed –
    1. Online 2013 Core training within the past three-years, or
    2. Pre-approved or acceptable continuing education credit hours related to education requirements.

Review of Waiver Request

Maine CDC, upon receipt, will

  • Review the submitted request form. Incomplete request forms may take longer than the three to process.
  • Conduct an interview with the applicant. The interview gives the applicant an opportunity to prove that he or she has the knowledge, experience and skills to perform the duties and responsibilities of an LHO. This interview may include, but not limited to, questions on experience in a similar position; familiarity with Maine laws, understanding of the duties and responsibilities of an LHO, and experience in handling various types of complaints.
  • Notify the LHO approximately three days following the interview. A Waiver from State Regulations is granted for a three-year term.