LHO Core Online Training Module

Competent and effective services rely on Local Health Officers (LHOs) being familiar with current practices, as well as the laws which LHOs are appointed to apply or enforce. Upon completion of this LHO Core Online Training Module, you will become certified as having a basic level of knowledge to ensure members of your community that you are qualified to handle health issues in a competent and professional manner consistent with those laws and practices.

We believe that a system of certified and connected LHOs is a system on which all towns and the State can rely.

This training provides you with:

  • Introduction to LHOs responsibilities;
  • Legal authorities;
  • A description of LHO laws;
  • Strategies for addressing complaints; and
  • Resources to help you handle situations you are likely to encounter as an LHO. 

The training will take approximately 4-6 hours.

Disclaimer: The information in this online training handbook is meant to serve as a guide; you and your community should apply these ideas and principles locally in the way that is most appropriate. The information contained in this handbook is not legal advice; if you have questions about a specific law or its application, you should consult legal counsel.