Maine Oral Health Program - Information for Providers

Recently the Children’s Oral Health Network of Maine, with collaboration from the Maine CDC’s Oral Health Program, has released oral health videos for every well-child visit from 2 months to age 5 as well as a prenatal/introduction to the library. The videos are available in 6 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Somali, and Portuguese. The videos can be found at Dental Steps for ME

NEW Dentists: Be Antibiotics Aware – Treating Patients with Dental Pain and Swelling (PDF) Fact Sheet.

This resource summarizes updated ADA treatment guidelines on when antibiotic prescribing is and is not needed for specific dental conditions. In addition, it addresses different conditions and interventions recommended in the treatment guidelines.

NEW On-demand recordings from the Antibiotic Stewardship Summit.

On January 22, OSAP hosted an antibiotic stewardship summit to address antibiotic stewardship in the dental healthcare setting. During this meeting, guidelines for the treatment of oral infections, prophylaxis (or preventative medical treatment), antibiotic-related adverse events, C. difficile infection, and antimicrobial resistance were reviewed. Challenges to responsible prescribing were discussed. The recordings are now available to view online for free.

UPDATED Antibiotic Use for a Safe Dental Visit (PDF) brochure.
This resource can be used by dentists to inform patients and their families about using antibiotics appropriately for a safe dental visit.

FREE Antibiotic Stewardship for Oral Health toolkit.