Maine Oral Health Program


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The CDC updated the Guidance for Dental Settings During the COVID-19 Response on August 28th. This updated guidance helps give clarification to the previous interim guidance. The updated guidance offers the following:

  • Provides a section for routine delivery of care during the pandemic and a second section for delivery of care recommendations for patients suspected or known COVID-19
  • Reminder for DHCP of transmission risks outside of patient care areas.
  • Clarification on engineering controls for open bay operatories, reprocessing treatment areas between patients, and alternative disinfection methods.

Dental Clinics and Services for Maine Residents (PDF) - This directory (revised in December 2018) provides detailed descriptions of Maine's dental clinics and services including requirements and restrictions and is meant to provide a resource for health and social services providers likely to be assisting clients in obtaining the dental care they need.

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Patient Guidance Form - Maine (PDF)

Our Vision:

Maine people will have an improved quality of life through optimal oral health.

Our Mission:

The Oral Health Program seeks to improve the oral health of Maine people through:

  • Public leadership in assisting community initiatives to prevent, control and reduce oral diseases;
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating programs for oral health promotion and disease prevention;
  • Statewide coordination and integration of community based oral health services through increased access and removal of barriers.