Learn to Control Your Asthma

Asthma can’t be cured but it can be managed. Well-controlled asthma means you can enjoy an active, healthy life.

It’s a free program that helps people learn about asthma and steps that they can take to better control asthma symptoms. Studies show that people who get education for asthma self-management, in addition to their medical care, can improve their asthma control.

Who is Maine Asthma Self-Management Education Program for?

It is available for adults and children with asthma and their caregivers. It is for Maine people who are being treated for asthma by their doctor, but feel that asthma is still causing problems like:

  • needing to use a rescue inhaler more than two days per week,
  • waking in the night because of coughing or breathing issues,
  • not being able to do activities you normally enjoy,
  • missing school or work, and/or
  • needing to go to urgent care or the emergency room because of asthma.

What does the Maine Asthma Self-Management Education Program program provide?

You will work with an asthma educator to:

  • learn about asthma and what is happening to your body when you are having symptoms,
  • understand how to use your asthma medications effectively,
  • make sure you have an asthma action plan from your doctor and know what to do when your asthma is getting worse,
  • understand what makes your asthma worse and how to reduce or avoid them, and
  • learn about community resources that may be available to reduce asthma triggers in your home.

The Maine Asthma Self-Management Education Program program is free.

You do not need to have health insurance to participate.  The Maine Asthma Prevention and Control Program is fully funded through a grant from the US CDC’s National Asthma Control Program.

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