Asthma Action Plans

An asthma action plan, sometimes called "asthma management plan", is a form used to keep track of medications, remind you what your peak flow is, and indicate what steps to take if you find yourself having an asthma attack. Studies show that following a written asthma action plan can lead to fewer asthma attacks and better disease management. Sit down with your doctors and ask them to fill out a written action plan. Be sure to have your plan updated at least once a year.

Asthma Action Plan for Adults (PDF) - Electronic Medical Record use
Asthma Action Plan for Children (PDF) - Electronic Medical Record use
Maine School Asthma Plan (PDF)
Maine Asthma Action Plan (with peak flow) (PDF)
Pre-school Action Plan (PDF)

Paper copies can be ordered by emailing

Asthma Action Plans are available by calling 207-287-3041