Tanning Facility Registration Instructions


For new licensees:

  1. Tanning in Maine is regulated, if you provide ultraviolet tanning to the public in return for compensation, you will need to be registered with the Radiation Control Program and subject to an inspection.
  2. To become registered you must complete the REGISTRATION FORM found on this website in PDF format or call to have one mailed; (207) 287-8401, and one operator must have passed one of the approved training courses.
  3. Required WARNING LABEL must be posted on each machine per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), recommend the warning statement be posted conspicuously near each piece of tanning equipment. For example: 8.5” X 11” Poster on the wall near the machine.
  4. Protective Goggles must be worn and made available by the facility by either providing, selling, or customers bringing their own.
  5. A trained operator must be present when tanning equipment is in use. (see Rules for training requirement)
  6. Provide to new customers:
    1. The “WARNING STATEMENT” for them to read.
    2. Information on PHOTOSENSITIZING DRUGS for them to read.
    3. Recommended tanning schedule based on skin type.
    4. Provide instructions on the use of the machine(s).
  7. You need consent forms for the consumer to sign indicating that the information and instructions listed above in item 6 have been understood.
  8. You need consent forms for minors, to be signed by a parent or legal guardian, indicating that the information listed in item 6 above have been understood.
  9. A record must be kept on each customer to record the total number of tanning visits by date and exposure time (some facilities keep the data on computers and others use cards).
  10. You may contact your tanning supplier for customer data record cards, warning statement placads, medication placards, sanitizer, and goggles.
  11. Rules, medication lists, warning statements, and a list of approved sanitizers may be downloaded from this site.