This page is designed to provide State of Maine employees with relevant information and resources to stay safe at work and at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Work Rules Effective July 26, 2021 available here.

  • For State employees: If you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and would like to forgo masking requirements, you must submit a copy of your vaccination card through our instantaneous and secure online portal. Contact your human resources professional for the direct link.
  • Some exceptions will apply, such as for hospitals and other settings, where more stringent PPE is still required; please follow agency-specific guidance.
  • If you are not fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and/or have not submitted a copy of your vaccination card, you must wear a face covering when working inside State buildings or when conducting other State work inside (including inside a vehicle).
  • Those who are immunocompromised or simply more comfortable wearing a mask can and should continue to do so. Be kind and remember there are many reasons why someone may be wearing a face covering.
  • Members of the public who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 may enter State buildings without a face covering.
  • Observe physical distancing requirements and capacity limits when conducting State work inside.
  • As always, face coverings may be removed when alone with a line-of-sight barrier (e.g., when there is a divider, wall, or plexiglass between you and any potential coworkers).
  • In general, when inside a State vehicle, please follow the guidelines for inside work, though agencies may issue specific advice to employees on this front.
  • While outside, even if on State property or conducting State business, there is NO requirement for face coverings or physical distancing (of course, even if you are not required to wear a mask, you are welcome to do so)

COVID-19 Information

  • According to our recent survey, approximately 7,424 State workers are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and approximately 2,007 State workers remain unvaccinated against Covid-19. When factoring in nonrespondents, the number of State workers that remain unvaccinated against Covid-19 is likely over 3,000.
  • Work Rules Effective July 26, 2021 available here.
  • Stay Safe With The Four Ws (December 2020)
  • Handwashing: Clean Hands Save Lives 

With input and planning, departments are gradually bringing certain workers back to offices and a statewide telework policy is currently in process.

Workforce Transition Employee Survey (Spring 2020)

Employee Wellbeing Survey (Fall 2020)


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