Most recent COVID-19 updates specific for State employees - As of May 11, 2023

We have updated our COVID-19 work rules as of May 11, 2023, to coincide with the lifting of the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE). Please continue to follow the May 11 work rules, including voluntary mask use, staying home when sick, and washing those hands. We have made a number of upgrades to State facility ventilation to further protect our teams from COVID-19.

Get vaccinated and boosted

To reduce your own chance of severe disease and to protect those around you, please strongly consider getting vaccinated and staying up to date with your boosters to protect against COVID-19.

According to the U.S. CDC, staying up to date with your vaccine and boosters will help protect you against the worst consequences of the disease. Our state employee health plan pays for the COVID-19 vaccine and boosters.

For more information on getting vaccinated, visit the State's vaccination website

While breakthrough infections - or infections that occur after having received your vaccine or booster(s) - can still occur, the updated boosters have been proven effective at protecting from the worst impacts of COVID-19, including severe illness, hospitalization, and death.

Masking is optional and encouraged

Mask use is optional, regardless of vaccination status. Voluntary mask use is welcome any time, and it is recommended when you have been around anyone who has been sick. Some people have family members who are immunocompromised; others may want to respect co-workers who are concerned about communicable disease.

  • According to CDC guidelines, if you have tested positive for COVID-19, even after leaving isolation, it is recommended you continue to wear a mask for an additional five days.
  • Likewise, if you were exposed to someone with COVID-19, the CDC recommends wearing a mask in public for 10 days.

Whatever the reason, we want you to have no hesitation when wearing a face mask in our work environment.

Review the U.S. CDC’s advice about masks and determine what type of mask is right for you depending on your circumstances.

Stay home when sick and test for COVID-19

Work Rules require that you stay home if you are sick.

To prevent spread to others, the U.S. CDC recommends testing for COVID-19 if you are feeling unwell or have been a close contact of someone with COVID-19. Please note that serial testing may be necessary if you are using an antigen or at-home test. Following the CDC's isolation and exposure guidance can help you determine when you should test.

You can be tested at most Walgreens locations and CVS locations. At home self-tests are available for purchase at most drug stores and can be used at home or anywhere. Through the Federal government's, every home in the U.S is eligible to order four free at-home COVID-19 tests.

Members of the State Employee Health Plan have coverage for over-the-counter diagnostic COVID-19 tests. Please see the Office of Employee Health and Wellness website for details on coverage through Anthem and MedImpact.

State employees participating in the State’s Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA) may also purchase tests and certain other COVID-19 related items with those funds. For more information, contact the HCFSA plan administrator: or 1-800-688-2611 (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 10:00pm).

Workers who test positive for COVID-19 should follow U.S. CDC guidance.

Seek treatment if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

Talk with your healthcare provider about treatments that may be available to you.


Employee wellness resources:

  • Navigate challenging work and life situations with Living Resources 
  • Access all information about Maine's COVID-19 response including resources near you.
  • Wellness Information for State of Maine health plan members

Teleworking resources are available through the Works for ME website.