The Department of Administrative and Financial Services is a proactive, innovative service organization of state government.

Our mission: To serve the public and deliver essential services to state government.

Our vision: Provide quality services, leadership and accountability, and perform in a manner warranting the highest level of public confidence.

Our values: Excellence, teamwork, and innovation; open and continuous communications; diversity, integrity, and humor; a helpful, courteous, and positive attitude; personal and professional growth; pride in our work; leading by example toward environmental sustainability; respect for our fellow state employees and the citizens we serve.

How we get there:

Provide quality services to our customers by:

  • Partnering with state agencies to meet mutual objectives.
  • Delivering products and services on time and in a professional manner.
  • Enhancing customers' knowledge of and access to services.

Provide leadership and accountability by:

  • Promoting state-of-the-art systems.
  • Assisting the Legislature and state agencies in meeting their fiscal, human resources, and operational responsibilities.
  • Managing revenues, resources and costs to ensure accountability in the State of Maine's financial performance.

Perform in a manner warranting the highest level of public confidence by:

  • Promoting excellence, innovation, communication, and teamwork.
  • Recognizing the abilities and achievements of state employees.
  • Inspiring others to be environmentally friendly by promoting sustainability at work and at home.