Licensed Producers and Dealers of Nursery Stock

Any business or individual in the state of Maine offering plant material for sale must have a license to sell nursery stock for each location where nursery stock is sold.

Nursery stock is defined as:

  • woody plants (trees, shrubs, vines etc.) and
  • herbaceous plants (bulbs, annuals, perennials, vegetable seedlings, houseplants, etc.), but
  • does not include cutflowers or cut christmas trees

List of Licensed Producers and Dealers of Nursery Stock

Below is a list of those licensed to sell plants in Maine (as of April 18, 2024)

Company Name County Town Address Phone
Ann's Flower ShopAndroscogginAuburn36 Millett Dr/Taylorbrook Mall207-783-2316
Becky DacusAndroscogginAuburn27 Gillander Ave
Big Lots #1528AndroscogginAuburn730 Center Street207-786-0512
BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc #310AndroscogginAuburn110 Mount Auburn Ave207-753-1388
Blackie Farm Fresh ProduceAndroscogginAuburn966 Minot Avenue207-786-0005
Bristlecone FarmAndroscogginAuburn1304 Jordan School Rd207-420-0525
Family Dollar Inc. #31396AndroscogginAuburn850 Minot Ave
Gammon Landscape Nursery, Inc,AndroscogginAuburn2810 Turner Rd207-783-6986
Hannaford Food & Drug #8347AndroscogginAuburn95 Spring Street207-784-6497
Home Depot, The #2403AndroscogginAuburn149 Mount Auburn Ave207-777-0042
Larrabee Farm, LLCAndroscogginAuburn335 Witham Road207-576-6136
Lowe's Home Centers LLC #2514AndroscogginAuburn650 Turner Street207-514-2300
Mt. Gile's Famous, LLCAndroscogginAuburn170 Blanchard Rd207-440-3000
Nouria 1081 - AuburnAndroscogginAuburn484 Center St207-777-7295
Nouria 1082 - AuburnAndroscogginAuburn828 Minot Ave207-376-3333
Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. #2786AndroscogginAuburn105 Mount Auburn Ave. #120207-786-9280
Shaw's - Auburn #480/2550AndroscogginAuburn600 Center St., Auburndale S/C207-784-6971
Small's GreenhouseAndroscogginAuburn762 Summer St207-577-6140
Target Store T-2880AndroscogginAuburn603 Center St207-402-3234
Walgreens #19162AndroscogginAuburn698 Minot Ave
Walgreens #19397AndroscogginAuburn61 Union Street
Wallingfords Fruit House dba Ricker RetailAndroscogginAuburn1240 Perkins Ridge Rd
Wal-Mart #1868AndroscogginAuburn100 Mt Auburn Ave207-784-0738
Westridge PinesAndroscogginAuburn335 Witham Rd207-8312140
East Branch Farm LLCAndroscogginDurham1741 Royalsborough Rd207-688-2015
A & A Hardware, Inc.AndroscogginGreene721 Rt 202207-488-2520
Family Dollar Inc #30912AndroscogginGreene470 Route 202
Lil's Family GreenhouseAndroscogginGreene173 Main Street207-346-8316
Sarah and Jared FournierAndroscogginGreene528 River Rd207-514-6911
Wild Mountain NurseryAndroscogginGreene217 South Mountain Road207-754-7476
Nouria 1092 - LeedsAndroscogginLeeds118 US Route 202207-933-4533
Blais Flowers & Garden CenterAndroscogginLewiston539 Webster St207-783-8566
CMMC Hospital WHA Gift ShopAndroscogginLewiston300 Main Street207-795-2295
Drillen Enterprises, Inc.AndroscogginLewiston1086 Sabattus St207-783-4600
Family Dollar Inc. #30785AndroscogginLewiston960 Sabattus St
Family Dollar Stores #32079AndroscogginLewiston20 East Ave757-321-5000
Food City (Save-A-Lot) #1421AndroscogginLewiston10 East Ave207-782-6651
Grown Where PlantedAndroscogginLewiston1324 Sabattus St.207-615-6914
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8265AndroscogginLewiston692 Sabattus Street207-784-0721
Humble Family Farms Retail LLCAndroscogginLewiston415 Sabattus St207-241-0279
Landscape WorldAndroscogginLewiston1904 Lisbon Road207-786-4421
Maja Fleur DBA Dube's Flower Shop, IncAndroscogginLewiston195 Lisbon Street207-240-3783
Marden's Inc.AndroscogginLewiston750 Main Street207-786-0313
Nouria 1093 - LewistonAndroscogginLewiston1103 Lisbon St207-333-3650
Nouria 1094 - LewistonAndroscogginLewiston449 Sabattus St207-241-7670
Shaw's - Lewiston #493/4559AndroscogginLewiston27 East Ave.207-784-6929
Tractor Supply Company #1362AndroscogginLewiston1619 Lisbon St207-795-8828
Val's Flower Boutique & Gift ShopAndroscogginLewiston902 Lisbon Street207-784-2945
Vicki GustinAndroscogginLewiston57 Shawmut St. Apt 2F813-312-5924
Walgreens #17136AndroscogginLewiston315 Main St
Walgreens #19802AndroscogginLewiston430 Sabattus St
Chirp Creek Farm / Eli's HomesteadAndroscogginLisbon76 Littlefield Rd207-219-9090
Davis Landscape Co., IncAndroscogginLisbon78 Lisbon Street207-353-4848
Aubuchon Hardware #097AndroscogginLisbon Falls572 Lisbon St207-353-6912
Bush's BushesAndroscogginLisbon Falls159 Ridge Rd207-318-6475
Family Dollar Stores #28003AndroscogginLisbon Falls580 Lisbon St207-353-8702
Food City (Food City Lisbon) #1220AndroscogginLisbon Falls583 Lisbon Street207-353-4051
Little Ridge FarmAndroscogginLisbon Falls101 Gould Road207-353-7126
Simply LilacsAndroscogginLisbon Falls612 Lisbon St.207-754-9620
Walgreens #19908AndroscogginLisbon Falls575 Lisbon St
Guild's Country Hardware, LLCAndroscogginLivermore1739 Federal Rd207-897-4617
Chretien Greenhouse and MarketAndroscogginLivermore Falls394 Park Street207-897-5909
Food City (Manhattan Bridge) #1596AndroscogginLivermore Falls93 Main Street207-897-4044
Walgreens #18414AndroscogginLivermore Falls81 Main Street207-897-6782
Windy River FarmAndroscogginLivermore Falls233 Strickland Lap Rd207-576-6768
C&S BH LLC dba Depot Square Hardware & VarietyAndroscogginMechanic Falls9 Depot St207-345-2091
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8445AndroscogginMechanic Falls50 Pigeon Hill Rd207-998-2660
Grenier GardensAndroscogginMinot18 North Verrill Rd207-240-6399
Rose's GreenhouseAndroscogginMinot30 Shaw Hill Rd207-345-5231
Delightful Odds & HerbsAndroscogginPoland27 South Main St207-998-2107
Family Dollar Stores #27616AndroscogginPoland1395 Maine St., Ste. 2207-998-3624
Faraway FlowersAndroscogginPoland228 Brown Road207-232-4516
Farming Agricultureal Lifestyle Company LLCAndroscogginPoland40 Orchard Rd413-652-3729
Family Dollar Inc #31033AndroscogginSabattus1 Middle Road
Jillson's Farm - GreenhouseAndroscogginSabattus143 Jordan Bridge Rd207-375-4486
Sturdy Hardware IncAndroscogginSabattus186 Sabattus Rd207-375-6253
Clark's Farm StandAndroscogginTurner447 Auburn Rd207-225-3437
Food City (Catanga River Corp.) #1184AndroscogginTurner1355 Auburn Rd207-225-3355
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8428AndroscogginTurner23 Snell Hill Rd207-225-5140
Hummingbird FarmAndroscogginTurner202 Bean Street207-224-8220
Nezinscot FarmAndroscogginTurnerRt 117, 284 Turner Center Rd207-225-3231
Ricker Hill Farm Stand dba Ricker RetailAndroscogginTurner295 Buckfield Rd207-225-5552
Sharon HathawayAndroscogginTurner37 Buckfield Rd
Bill BergevinAndroscogginWales129 Wheeler Hill Rd207-933-6586
The Earley Farm & Nursery LLCAndroscogginWales639 Gardiner Road207-576-7407
Family Dollar Stores #27625AroostookAshland211 Presque Isle Rd207-435-6318
Peachey GardensAroostookBlaine293 Military Road
Family Dollar Inc #31906AroostookCaribou30 Skyway Drive #200757-321-5000
Goughan FarmAroostookCaribou872 Fort Fairfield Rd207-496-1731
Haney'sAroostookCaribou236 Van Buren Road207-492-1323
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8438AroostookCaribou114 High St207-748-8824
Noyes Flower & Plant ShoppeAroostookCaribou11 Franklin St207-498-2296
Sparrowhawk AcresAroostookCaribouAlbair Rd512-216-9231
Steve GagnonAroostookCaribou31 East Green Ridge Road207-768-0433
Walgreens #18248AroostookCaribou112 Bennett Drive
MRG Grocery LLC DBACountry Farms MarketAroostookEaston84 Center Rd207-488-9050
Angelus Bell Farm LLCAroostookFort Fairfield275 Maple Grove Road207-227-2195
Hillside IGAAroostookFort Fairfield207 Main Street
Serendipity TreesAroostookFort Fairfield297 Currier Road207-227-1409
Family Dollar Stores #25821AroostookFort Kent215 W Main Street207-834-4249
Hannaford Supermarket #8453AroostookFort Kent62 West Main St, Suite 101
Pelletier FloristAroostookFort Kent500 W. Main Street207-834-5241
St. John Valley Soil & Water Cons DistAroostookFort Kent139 Market St, Suite 106207-834-3311
Walgreens #19241AroostookFort Kent84 East Main St
Casey CoteAroostookFrenchville39 Cleveland Ave207-316-2520
Danielle LevesqueAroostookGrand Isle165 Main Street603-845-6847
Pleasant View Tree FarmAroostookHodgdon1190 Calais Road207-532-4769
Aroostook Milling CompanyAroostookHoulton15 Hillview Avenue207-532-6130
Chadwick Florist & GreenhousesAroostookHoulton23 Spring Street207-532-3520
Eel and Octopus LLCAroostookHoulton128 Cooks Brook Road207-532-3228
Family Dollar Stores #26858AroostookHoulton310 North St207-532-0839
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8439AroostookHoulton33 Ludlow St207-532-2605
Houlton Floral DesignsAroostookHoulton73 Bangor St207-521-5289
IGA - Andy'sAroostookHoultonHoulton S/P 132 North St207-532-3305
Marden's Inc.AroostookHoulton120 North St207-532-9125
Serendipitous DragonflyAroostookHoulton79 Main st207-532-3567
Southern Aroostook SWCDAroostookHoulton304 North Street
Tractor Supply Company #1558AroostookHoulton337 North Street207-532-3625
Walgreens #19502AroostookHoulton137 North Street
Wal-Mart #1974AroostookHoulton17 Ludlow Road207-532-2181
Doreen ConlogueAroostookLittleton1488 US Hwy 1207-538-5959
Precious MemoriesAroostookLittletonMobile207-538-5042
Wiley WoodlandAroostookLittleton85 Hammond Ln207-357-9781
Denise FaulknerAroostookLudlow1811 Ludlow Rd207-521-9068
Bob's Neighborhood IncAroostookMadawaska554 Main St, Suite 101207-728-3896
Family Dollar Stores #26806AroostookMadawaska380 Main Street207-728-4194
Hannaford Supermarket #8454AroostookMadawaska58 Main Street
Marden's Inc.AroostookMadawaska81 Fox St207-728-7234
Megan GendreauAroostookMadawaska413 Winter St207-316-4361
Tractor Supply Company #2158AroostookMadawaska81 Fox Ste 105207-728-1127
Walgreens #19304AroostookMadawaska429 Main St.207-728-3815
Smith's Produce & GreenhousesAroostookMapleton1293 Mapleton Road207-764-1594
Family Dollar Stores #27467AroostookMars Hill92 Presque Isle Rd207-425-7137
Mars Hill IGAAroostookMars Hill7 Market Street207-425-2411
Callnan's Florist & GreenhousesAroostookNew Limerick67 Station Rd207-532-2794
Orient GardensAroostookOrient45 Maxell Settlement Rd207-448-7266
Amy's FlowersAroostookPresque Isle54 North Street207-769-2697
Cook Florist, Inc.AroostookPresque Isle174 Main St207-769-2731
Graves' Shop N' SaveAroostookPresque Isle797 Main St207-769-2181
King's Gardener, TheAroostookPresque Isle157 Johnson Rd207-764-8034
Lowe's Home Centers LLC #2209AroostookPresque Isle135 Maysville St207-554-3030
Marden's Inc.AroostookPresque Isle803 Main Street207-762-3417
Myrtle TreeAroostookPresque Isle368 Fort Fairfield Road207-764-4980
Presque Isle Tech CtrAroostookPresque Isle340 State Street207-764-7725
Raymond Brook Farm LLCAroostookPresque Isle46 Higgins Road207-764-5455
Robin BeckwithAroostookPresque Isle73 Chandler Rd207-227-4865
Star City IGAAroostookPresque Isle247 Main Street207-762-5151
Tractor Supply Company #1419AroostookPresque Isle23 Houlton Road207-764-9900
Walgreens #17152AroostookPresque Isle320 Main Street
Wal-Mart #1924AroostookPresque Isle781 Main Street207-764-8485
Steven T. AllenAroostookSilver Ridge Plt.1017 Silver Ridge Rd207-365-4868
MerriGold GreenhouseAroostookSmyrna Mills2836 US Route 2207-757-7777
Northern Maine Fields LLCAroostookStockholm252 School ST207-896-3070
Family Dollar Stores #25758AroostookVan Buren73 Main Street Ste 102207-868-5083
Floral Boutique on MainAroostookVan Buren64 Main St
Gateway FloralAroostookVan Buren64 Main St Suite 1
Saucier'sAroostookVan Buren38 Main Street207-868-2809
Knot-II-Bragg FarmAroostookWade469 New Dunntown Road207-455-8386
Corriveau Hill Top BlossomsAroostookWallagrass1294 Aroostook Rd207-834-6584
Barbara N HullAroostookWoodland1399 New Sweden Road207-999-9808
Chops Ahoy FarmAroostookWoodland337 Brown Road207-615-4144
Family Dollar Stores #28028CumberlandBridgton191 Portland Rd
Food City (Heathrow Corp.) #1198CumberlandBridgton295 Main St207-647-2766
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8167CumberlandBridgton109 Portland Rd207-647-2015
Hayes Ace HardwareCumberlandBridgton204 Portland Rd207-647-3342
Lake Region NurseryCumberlandBridgton718 North High St207-647-3387
Lily's Landscape NurseryCumberlandBridgton1214 N. High St.207-647-3907
Magenta GardensCumberlandBridgton111 S. Bridgton Rd207-400-0579
Nouria 1084 - BridgtonCumberlandBridgton443 Portland Road207-647-8464
Reny, Inc., R. H.CumberlandBridgton151 Main Street207-647-3711
Walgreens #17364CumberlandBridgton19 Portland Rd
Warren's FloristCumberlandBridgton39 Depot St207-647-8441
Big Lots #1694CumberlandBrunswick8 Gurnet Rd #6207-373-1450
Cynthia JesterCumberlandBrunswick66 Maine St207-844-8488
Debbie's GardenCumberlandBrunswick71 Harpswell Road207-721-8514
Fox Hill NurseryCumberlandBrunswick347 Lunt Road207-751-4323
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8231CumberlandBrunswick35 Elm Street207-725-8701
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8446CumberlandBrunswick8 Gurnet Road, Suite 1
Lena ComptonCumberlandBrunswick246 Woodside Rd510-717-5732
Lipovsky GardensCumberlandBrunswick369 Casco Road207-504-1323
Lowe's Home Centers LLC #2536CumberlandBrunswick250 Bath Road207-373-7016
Mare Brook FarmCumberlandBrunswick20 Sea Grass Farm Rd207-844-0805
Milkweed FarmCumberlandBrunswick63 Gott Lane207-725-4554
Old Growstown GardensCumberlandBrunswick14 Raymond Rd401-418-0623
Paradise NorthCumberlandBrunswick9 Stetson St.
Pauline's BloomersCumberlandBrunswick153 Park Row, Suite 101207-725-5952
Shaw's - Brunswick #497/628CumberlandBrunswick147 Bath Road207-721-9996
Skillin's Greenhouses, Inc.CumberlandBrunswick422 Bath Road207-442-8111
Sound Pine FarmCumberlandBrunswick47 Pennellville Rd607-339-8069
The Imperial HostaCumberlandBrunswick177 Old Bath Road207-729-0278
Tractor Supply Company #1446CumberlandBrunswick24 Farley Rd207-721-8335
Walgreens #17725CumberlandBrunswick156 Maine Street
Wal-Mart #1939CumberlandBrunswick15 Tibbetts Dr207-725-0773
Bloomers Custom Florals DBA FiddleheadsCumberlandCape Elizabeth546 Shore Rd207-767-5595
Dun Roamin FarmCumberlandCape Elizabeth1068 Sawyer Road207-799-5910
Fresh Pickins Farm LLCCumberlandCape Elizabeth7A Ram Island Rd207-650-1168
Green Spark FarmCumberlandCape Elizabeth191 Fowler Road207-799-4784
IGA - Pond CoveCumberlandCape Elizabeth339 Ocean House Rd207-799-3711
Little Sparrow HollowCumberlandCape Elizabeth175 Two Lights Rd207-409-1628
Maine DahliasCumberlandCape Elizabeth1032 Sawyer Rd570-510-1790
Ocean House Farm LLCCumberlandCape Elizabeth359 Ocean House Rd207-799-5392
Willard Square Home Repair, LLC dba LumberyCumberlandCape Elizabeth287 Ocean House Rd207-835-7023
Hancock Family FarmCumberlandCasco36 Quaker Ridge Road207-831-1088
Watkins Flats of Flowers, Inc dba LiliesCumberlandCascoRoute 302, 791 Roosevelt Trail207-655-5459
Maple Ridge Farm and FisheryCumberlandChebeague Island337 North Road207-838-2102
Mayflower GardensCumberlandChebeague Island18 Cottage Road207-956-3145
Garden WrightCumberlandCumberland60 Skillings Road207-829-3919
Jesse Lamarre-VincentCumberlandCumberland93 Range Rd603-545-4703
Naomi H. StevensCumberlandCumberland14 Field Rd207-712-1983
Pleasant Valley AcresCumberlandCumberland69 Pleasant Valley Rd207-210-4469
Skillin's Greenhouses, Inc.CumberlandCumberland201 Gray Rd207-829-5619
Sprout and Bloom, LLCCumberlandCumberland72 Range Rd207-233-1301
Allen, Sterling & LothropCumberlandFalmouth191 US Rt 1207-781-4142
Edgewood NurseryCumberlandFalmouth4 Cruston Way207-653-2065
Guarino GroveCumberlandFalmouth9 Terison Dr207-797-0508
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8222CumberlandFalmouth65 Gray Road207-878-0050
Maine Audubon SocietyCumberlandFalmouth20 Gilsland Farm Road207-781-2330 x209
Nouria 1085 - FalmouthCumberlandFalmouth264 US Route 1207-781-4433
Nouria 1086 - FalmouthCumberlandFalmouth265 US Route 1207-781-5019
Ocean State Job Lot #476CumberlandFalmouth251 US Route 1
Shaw's - Falmouth #492/4651CumberlandFalmouth251 US Hwy 1, Falmouth S/C207-781-4520
Skillin's GreenhousesCumberlandFalmouth89 Foreside Road207-781-3860
University of Maine Coop. Ext. Cumberland Co.CumberlandFalmouth75 Clearwater Dr. Ste104207-949-4524
Walgreens #19461CumberlandFalmouth33 Depot Rd
Wal-Mart #2659CumberlandFalmouth206 US Rt 1207-781-3879
Winslow Farm, LLCCumberlandFalmouth291 Gray Rd207-878-8787
Bella Sage GardensCumberlandFreeport7 Snow Rd207-522-6739
Bessie's Farm Goods LLC.CumberlandFreeport33 Litchfield Rd.207-865-9840
Freeport DahliasCumberlandFreeport1612 US Rt 1571-265-9300
Freeport HardwareCumberlandFreeport262 US Route 1207-865-9557
Lucy BirkettCumberlandFreeport13 Sandy Beach Rd207-607-9620
Maine Coast Waldorf SchoolCumberlandFreeport57 Desert Rd207-865-3900
Rosengren Landscaping IncCumberlandFreeport4 Lambert Road207-865-3860
Shady Glen Nursery LLCCumberlandFreeport215 Main St207-841-1657
Shaw's - Freeport #495/608CumberlandFreeport200 Lower Main St207-865-0094
TerraCumberlandFreeport24 Morse St904-945-2450
Wildflower, Inc.CumberlandFreeport5 Depot St #13207-865-6508
Winter Hill FarmCumberlandFreeport35 Hill Farm Rd207-869-5122
EZ GardensCumberlandGorham16 Daisy Ln260-417-6638
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8350CumberlandGorham99 Main Street207-839-6553
Horticulture Investment Properties IncCumberlandGorham8 Mitchell Hill Road207-318-7718
King's Farm MarketCumberlandGorham44 County Rd(Rt 22 & 114)207-839-5844
Nouria 1089 - GorhamCumberlandGorham435 Ossipee Trail207-839-8766
Nouria 1090 - GorhamCumberlandGorham688 Gray Road207-892-4153
O'Donal's Nursery, LLCCumberlandGorham6 County Road207-839-4262
Ossipee Trail Gardens IncCumberlandGorhamRt 25, 333 Ossipee Tr207-839-2885
Patten FarmsCumberlandGorhamRt 22 269 County Rd207-839-4667
Plummer's Hardware LLCCumberlandGorham57 Main Street207-839-4856
The Hop YardCumberlandGorham26 Hamblen Dr207-838-6850
Walgreens #19692CumberlandGorham120 Main Street
Gray Ace Hardware, Inc DBA Cook's Ace HardwareCumberlandGray21 Portland Rd, Suite 11207-657-4204
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8251CumberlandGray130 Shaker Rd207-657-5800
Hort ResourceCumberlandGray201 Portland Rd207-252-9525
Karen's Flower EmporiumCumberlandGray3 Gray Center207-657-5211
Marden's Inc.CumberlandGray65 West Gray Road207-657-2626
Walgreens #19789CumberlandGray62 W Gray Rd
Zaftig YentaCumberlandHarpswell40 Merritt Rd207-478-4386
Jumper's Hill FarmCumberlandHarrison56 Country Lane207-583-2916
Maple Springs FarmCumberlandHarrison808 Maple Ridge Rd207-749-8033
Katharine's GardenCumberlandLong Island357 Fern Ave207-766-0990
Aubuchon Hardware #135CumberlandNaples499 Roosevelt Trail207-693-3343
Family Dollar Inc #31431CumberlandNaples457 Roosevelt Trail
The Umbrella FactoryCumberlandNaplesRT 302207-693-3988
Walgreens #19902CumberlandNaples665 Roosevelt Trail
Donna's GreenhousesCumberlandNew Gloucester216 Ricker Road207-926-3776
Nouria 1096 - New GloucesterCumberlandNew Gloucester1026 Lewiston Road207-926-3222
Olivia's GardenCumberlandNew Gloucester163 Valley Farm Rd207-409-8416
Pine Tree Garden SeedsCumberlandNew Gloucester616A Lewiston Road207-926-4112
Wild Medicine FarmCumberlandNew Gloucester414 Durham Road207-926-7123
Will & Lainey's Farm StandCumberlandNew Gloucester98 Lewiston Road207-233-0273
Garden Spot FarmCumberlandNorth Pownal896 Lawrence Road207-688-4462
Aubuchon Hardware #107CumberlandNorth Windham777 Roosevelt Trail207-892-3909
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8345CumberlandNorth Windham797 Roosevelt Trail, Windham Mall207-892-2532
Home Depot, The #2412CumberlandNorth Windham20 Franklin Dr207-892-1793
Lowe's Home Centers LLC #2629CumberlandNorth Windham64 Manchester Dr207-893-4016
Nouria 1097 - North WindhamCumberlandNorth Windham746 Roosevelt Trail207-892-7290
Shaw's - No. Windham #464/2538CumberlandNorth Windham770 Roosevelt Trail207-892-5159
Cozy Acres LLCCumberlandNorth Yarmouth26 Cozy Acres Lane207-899-9292
Susannah MillerCumberlandNorth Yarmouth49 Rath Way207-907-8938
Thundergully Farm LLCCumberlandNorth Yarmouth246 New Gloucester Rd914-213-9110
Wild Seed ProjectCumberlandNorth Yarmouth21A Memorial Highway
Lausier Family GardensCumberlandPeaks Island40 Adams Street207-766-5157
Big Lots #4534CumberlandPortland1100 Brighton Ave207-842-2950
BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc #29CumberlandPortland513-515 Warren Ave207-797-8400
Dena RiegelCumberlandPortland41 Lucas St207-899-3802
Eldredge Lumber & Hardware, IncCumberlandPortland145 Presumpscot St.207-770-3004
Flower Box - Maine Med CenterCumberlandPortland22 Bramhall Street207-871-4707
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8351CumberlandPortland295 Forest Avenue207-761-5965
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8354CumberlandPortland787 Riverside St207-878-0191
Home Depot, The #2401CumberlandPortland245 Riverside St207-761-0600
Lowe's Home Centers LLC #1946CumberlandPortland1058 Brighton Ave207-482-2800
Plant Office LLCCumberlandPortland17 Marion St793-960-1892
Portland Arts & Technology High SchoolCumberlandPortland196 Allen Ave207-874-8165
Reny, Inc., R. H.CumberlandPortland540 Congress St207-553-9061
Sawyer & Company FloristCumberlandPortland737 Congress Street207-775-2303
Shaw's - Northgate #467/2541CumberlandPortlandNorthgate S/C 91 Auburn St207-797-4304
Shaw's - Westgate #469/4543CumberlandPortland1364 Congress Street207-774-7661
SiteOne Landscape Supply LLC #627CumberlandPortland76 City Line Drive216-404-4736
Terrarium LLCCumberlandPortland98 Cross St207-331-7898
Trader Joe's #519 C/O Business Licenses, LLCCumberlandPortland87 Marginal Way207-699-3799
Walgreens #11886CumberlandPortland127 marginal Way207-771-5631
Walgreens #12325CumberlandPortland616 Forest Ave207-761-9454
Walgreens #19464CumberlandPortland290 Congress St
Walgreens #19821CumberlandPortland713 Congress Street
West Elm #6230CumberlandPortland164 Middle St. #1207-535-2953
Origins Fruit, LLC.CumberlandPownal255 Elmwood Rd207-233-5534
Family Dollar Stores #27015CumberlandRaymond1297 Roosevelt Trail, Raymond S/C207-655-1058
A-Frame AcresCumberlandScarborough143 Beech Ridge Rd
Costco Wholesale #1657CumberlandScarborough455 Scarborough Downs Rd207-503-9902
Dunstan HardwareCumberlandScarborough636 US Rt 1207-883-0102
Elizabeth ColemanCumberlandScarborough212 Spurwink Rd207-632-8817
Flaherty's Family Farm, IncCumberlandScarborough123 Payne Road207-883-5494
Frith FarmCumberlandScarborough61 Ash Swamp Rd207-730-9077
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8342CumberlandScarborough31Hannaford Dr, Rt 1207-883-7670
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8451CumberlandScarborough417 Payne Rd
Highland Avenue GreenhousesCumberlandScarborough109 Highland Avenue207-883-2861
Lowe's Home Centers LLC #2407CumberlandScarborough1000 Gallery Boulevard207-883-1309
Marden's Inc.CumberlandScarborough451 Payne Rd207-883-6635
Meeting House Herb FarmCumberlandScarborough35 Hunnewell Rd207-303-0733
Morrison CenterCumberlandScarborough60 Chamberlain Road207-883-6680
Nouria 1101 - ScarboroughCumberlandScarborough284 Payne Road207-219-8851
Nouria 1102 - ScarboroughCumberlandScarborough88 County Road207-839-7845
Oak Hill Ace Hdw., Inc.CumberlandScarborough29 Gorham Rd, Oak Hill Plaza207-883-5058
Sam's Club #8186CumberlandScarborough440 Payne Road207-883-5553
Tractor Supply Company #1197CumberlandScarborough442 US Route 1, Suite 2207-396-5100
Walgreens #10988CumberlandScarborough233 US Route 1207-883-2115
Walgreens #18299CumberlandScarborough600 US Route One
Wal-Mart #1788CumberlandScarborough500 Gallery Blvd.207-885-5567
Mayberry FarmCumberlandSebagoRte 107207-787-4113
Broadway Gardens Inc.CumberlandSouth Portland1640 Broadway207-772-0415
Fleur De LisCumberlandSouth Portland460 Ocean Street207-799-4458
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8279CumberlandSouth Portland50 Cottage Road207-799-7359
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8387CumberlandSouth Portland415 Philbrook Ave, Hannaford Plaza207-761-2729
Home Depot, The #2406CumberlandSouth Portland300 Clark's Pond Rd207-879-2500
Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. #296CumberlandSouth Portland220 Maine Mall Road207-772-9119
Shaw's - Mill Creek #471/3544CumberlandSouth PortlandMill Creek S/C, 180 Waterman Dr.207-799-8149
Shopper's HardwareCumberlandSouth PortlandMill Creek S/C207-799-6191
Target Store T-1338CumberlandSouth Portland200 Running Hill Rd207-871-1156
Walgreens #19678CumberlandSouth Portland279 Main Street
Amanda's GreenhouseCumberlandStandish234 Northeast Rd207-228-3077
Family Dollar Inc. #31099CumberlandStandish124 Ossipee Trail East
Hannaford Food & Drug #8349CumberlandStandish71 Colonial Drive207-642-5533
Heron FarmCumberlandStandish295 Northeast Rd207-553-0005
Country Thyme FoodsCumberlandSteep Falls40 Acres of Wildlife Road207-675-3445
Sweet Relief FarmCumberlandSteep Falls33 Florence Lane207-675-3410
Al Lappin Co. Inc.CumberlandWestbrook776 County Rd207-839-7700
Broadway Gardens 302CumberlandWestbrook610 Bridgton Rd207-887-8010
Demoulas Super Markets Inc DBA Market BasketCumberlandWestbrook90 Rock Row Suite 10
East Pine Plant Shop, LLCCumberlandWestbrook90 Bridge St410-215-5299
Family Dollar Stores #23713CumberlandWestbrook880 Main Street207-856-6826
Hannaford Food & Drug #8223CumberlandWestbrook7 Hannaford Drive207-854-2584
Harmon's Barton's Flowers / DLK FloraCumberlandWestbrook117 Brown Street207-854-2510
Plummer's Hardware LLCCumberlandWestbrook30 Central St207-854-5868
Saccarappa School Community GardenCumberlandWestbrook110 Huntress Ave207-854-0847
Walgreens #19078CumberlandWestbrook465 Main Street
Blossoms of Windham (H & M Enterprises)CumberlandWindham725 Roosevelt Tr207-892-2097
Blue Seal Feeds, IncCumberlandWindham43 Main Street207-892-9411
Bumbleroot Organic FarmCumberlandWindham196 Highland Cliff Rd207-572-1066
Carlin Family FarmCumberlandWindham114 River Road207-892-9854
Cooper's GreenhouseCumberlandWindham81 Chute Road207-892-7276
Garbage To GardenCumberlandWindham6 Burril Farm Rd207-332-0277
Nouria 1106 - WindhamCumberlandWindham201 Tandberg Trail207-893-2100
Reny, Inc., R. H.CumberlandWindham795 Roosevelt Trail207-572-4514
RTG & N, Inc.CumberlandWindham310 Roosevelt Trail207-893-2757
Staples Christmas Tree FarmCumberlandWindham18 Christmas Tree Way207-894-0103
Studio Flora, Inc.CumberlandWindham188 Roosevelt Tr (Rt 302)207-892-7523
Tractor Supply Company #1596CumberlandWindham496 Roosevelt Trail207-892-8379
Walgreens #10428CumberlandWindham741 Roosevelt Trail207-893-2562
Wal-Mart #2202CumberlandWindham30 Landing Road207-893-0603
Windy Hill Farm, LLCCumberlandWindham115 River Road207-892-9246
Donald E. Beckwith dba Meadowood FarmCumberlandYarmouth45 Beckwith St207-846-4294
Estabrook Farm & Greenhouses, Inc.CumberlandYarmouth337 East Main Street207-846-4398
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8188CumberlandYarmouth756 Rt #1, Shoppers Village207-846-5941
Little Feather HerbsCumberlandYarmouth87 Depot Rd207-776-9829
Paula J. PattersonCumberlandYarmouth1 Spring St.
Range Pond FarmCumberlandYarmouth29 Beckwith St.207-846-9186
Walgreens #19423CumberlandYarmouth478 Route 1
Debz Little GreenhouseFranklinCarthage2 Forest Rd207-357-1535
Tomato Lover's ParadiseFranklinEast Wilton357 McCrillis Crnr Rd207-778-2685
Pines Market LLCFranklinEustis975 Arnold Trail207-246-4221
Aubuchon Hardware #108FranklinFarmington528 Wilton Road, Suite #1207-778-5682
Beehive BakeryFranklinFarmington127 North Street207-779-6873
Big Lots #4626FranklinFarmington634 Wilton Road207-778-6176
Clark FarmFranklinFarmington946 Fairbanks Rd
Farmington Farmers UnionFranklinFarmington244 Front Street207-778-4520
Food City (Farmington)FranklinFarmington180 Main St207-784-7020
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8291FranklinFarmington131 Hannaford Dr207-778-0434
Maria MustoFranklinFarmington695 Town Farm Rd207-491-3173
Reny, Inc., R. H.FranklinFarmington200 Broadway207-778-4631
Riverside Greenhouses & Florist LLCFranklinFarmington169 Farmington Falls Rd207-778-3566
Robin's Flower PotFranklinFarmington387 Webster Road207-778-5937
Tree Line Landscape, Inc.FranklinFarmington156 Middle St207-778-9400
Virginia's GardenFranklinFarmington155 Middle St.207-307-1109
Walgreens #17356FranklinFarmington317 Main Street207-778-3342
Wal-Mart #1866FranklinFarmington615 Walton Road207-778-5344
Freeman Farm SupplyFranklinFreeman840 West Freeman Rd207-491-4584
Norpine Landscape, Inc.FranklinFreeman1276 Foster Hill Rd207-592-5021
Rasmussen FarmFranklinFreeman21 Schoolhouse Rd207-684-4587
E and M FarmsFranklinJay162 Tessier Rd207-320-3504
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8165FranklinJay15 Jay Plaza Lane207-897-4376
The Flower BarnFranklinJay160 Main Street207-897-5226
Maine Provisions INCFranklinKingfield363 Main Street207-265-2202
McClure's Tree NurseryFranklinKingfield251 Salem Rd Rt 142207-265-4931
Hoof 'N Paw FarmFranklinNew Sharon168 Starks Road207-778-3903
Living Acres TooFranklinNew Sharon251 Weeks Mills Road207-778-2390
Pauline RyynanenFranklinNew Sharon200 Beans Corner Rd207-491-9024
Pettitt's PicksFranklinNew Sharon538 Mile Hill Rd207-778-3040
Sandy's Country FlowersFranklinNew Sharon79 Dyer Brown Rd207-778-9159
Trudy's Garden LLCFranklinNew Sharon623 Farmington Falls Rd207-491-4858
Hemlock Hill Farm LLCFranklinNew Vineyard150 Barker Rd207-491-5568
Kidd Family FarmFranklinNew Vineyard1157 New Vineyard Rd207-778-1339
Main-Range LLCFranklinRangeley2185 Main St.207-864-5089
Rangeley Lakes Regional SchoolFranklinRangeley43 Mendolia Rd207-864-3311
Sunrise View FarmFranklinRangeleyRt 4, 2963 Main St207-864-2117
Base Of The Mountain FarmFranklinSalem102 Prairie Rd207-678-2319
Stratton School GardenFranklinStratton65 School St.207-246-2283
Highland Acres FarmFranklinStrong23 Sweets Pond Lane207-578-2115
O'Rye FarmFranklinStrong1021 South Strong Rd978-502-9726
Nancy CrosbyFranklinWeld586 West Side Rd207-831-8940
Donald F. HamlinFranklinWilton26 Eastern Ave207-645-4578
Food City (Midtown Tunnel) #1091FranklinWilton486 Main St207-645-9608
Nancy RichardsonFranklinWilton320 Metcalf Rd207-491-3089
Tractor Supply Company #1410FranklinWilton979 Us Route 2 East207-778-5900
August FarmHancockBar Harbor988 Crooked Road
Eden Street FlowersHancockBar Harbor102 State Highway 3207-664-9195
Frost Farms LLCHancockBar Harbor1543 State Highway 102207-801-9072
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8224HancockBar Harbor86 Cottage St207-288-5680
Jackie Zeistloft-BrehmHancockBar Harbor45 Pine Heath Rd570-394-9653
Miller Gardens, TheHancockBar Harbor144 Otter Cliffs Road207-288-4023
Queen Anne's FlowershopHancockBar Harbor4 Mt Desert St.207-288-2860
Sunflower Gardens & GreenhousesHancockBar Harbor918 State Route #3207-288-0067
Walgreens #19967HancockBar Harbor34 Cottage Street
Blue Hill Co-OpHancockBlue Hill70 South Street207-374-2165
Blue Hill Country GardenHancockBlue HillRt 15, 1175 Pleasant St207-374-3580
Fairwinds Florist of Blue Hill IncHancockBlue Hill50 Main Street207-374-5621
Family Dollar #32061HancockBlue Hill28 South Street
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8452HancockBlue Hill15 South St
Mainescape IncHancockBlue HillSouth Street207-374-2833
Walgreens #17708HancockBlue Hill17 South St
5 Star Nursery and Orchard LLCHancockBrooklin853 Bay Rd207-359-4960
Lynda AllenHancockBrooklin110 Bay Road207-460-7959
Autumn Moon Farm and FlowersHancockBrooksville68 Flatlander Ave
Despe LebelHancockBrooksville41 Lebel's Ln207-469-5909
Margaret AdamsHancockBrooksville23 Condon Pt Rd202-277-7251
Family Dollar Stores #25474HancockBucksport124 US Highway 1207-469-1148
Hannaford Supermarket #8152HancockBucksport53 US Route 1207-469-3282
Walgreens #17149HancockBucksport220 U.S. Route 1, Suite 1
Tilth & TimberHancockCastine165 Castine Road508-728-3298
Madeline WrightHancockDedham772 Bald Mountain Road207-356-5765
87 North FarmsteadHancockEllsworth87 North St207-479-1118
Atlantic Landscape Construction, IncHancockEllsworth814 Bangor Rd207-664-2600
Bud Connection, TheHancockEllsworth89 Main St207-667-9595
Hancock Cnty S&W Cons Dist c/o USDAHancockEllsworth474 Bucksport Road - USDA207-667-8663
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8123HancockEllsworth225 High St, Suite 1207-667-5300
Home Depot, The #2408HancockEllsworth56 Myrick St207-667-1986
Maine PetHancockEllsworth47 Downeast Highway207-667-8881
Marden's Inc.HancockEllsworth461 High St207-669-6035
New Land Nursery & LandscapingHancockEllsworth477 Washington Jct Rd207-667-7333
Reny, Inc., R. H.HancockEllsworth175 High Street Ellsworth S/C207-667-5166
Root Power FarmHancockEllsworth593 North St207-669-0203
Rubrum AcresHancockEllsworth23 Mountain Top Way207-236-6855
Shaw's - Ellsworth #490/57HancockEllsworth175 High Street, Suite 5207-667-2293
Tractor Supply Company #1593HancockEllsworth33 Mardens Way Ste B207-664-2203
Walgreens #11742HancockEllsworth226 High St207-664-0952
Wal-Mart #1932HancockEllsworth17 Myrick St207-667-6780
Seaside Landscaping IncHancockGouldsboro381 US Route 1207-963-7263
Hilts LandscapingHancockHancock1532 Route 1207-422-3877
Judith JoseyHancockHancock86 Cross Rd
Simons' Hancock FarmHancockHancock39 US Highway 1207-667-1359
Solid Roots LLCHancockHancock122 Mud Creek Road207-812-6044
Seal Point FarmHancockLamoine355 Seal Point Road207-812-6595
Robert LaffinHancockMariaville310 Peninsula Drive207-537-3944
August FarmHancockMount Desert92 Beech Hill Crossroad207-244-9573
H O M E IncHancockOrland90 Schoolhouse Rd207-469-7961
J & R Hardware LLCHancockOrland3 Acadia Highway207-469-2451
Ben RetbergHancockPenobscot192 Front Ridge Road
King Hill FarmHancockPenobscot29 Faerie Kingdom Road207-326-9701
Mount Desert Land & Garden PreserveHancockSeal Harbor92 Cooksey Drive207-276-3240
Scott FerrandoHancockSedgwick71 Cedar Lane207-266-6022
Sedgwick Elementary SchoolHancockSedgwick272 Snow's Cove Road207-359-5002
Burkes Hollow Florist on the WestsideHancockSouthwest Harbor11 Seal Cove Road
Islandscaping, Inc.HancockSouthwest Harbor341 Seawall Rd207-244-5777
Southwest Food MartHancockSouthwest Harbor101 Main St207-244-5601
Derek and Hilary NelsonHancockSurry1299 Surry Rd
Surry GardensHancockSurry1248 Surry Rd, Rt 172207-667-4493
J J Edwards LLCHancockTrenton1007 Bar Harbor Road207-745-4668
Plants UnlimitedHancockTrenton664 Bar Harbor Road207-412-0613
Salt Farm FlowersHancockTrenton1406 Bayside Road207-852-1327
Hardscrabble Stone and LandscapingHancockVerona Island136 US Highway 1207-479-2931
Maine BonsaiHancockVerona Island59 West Side Drive207-469-2607
A C Parsons Landscaping & Garden Center IncHancockWest Tremont71 Richtown Rd207-244-7785
Alberta VigueKennebecAlbion15 Cousins Rd207-313-1407
Aubuchon Hardware #064KennebecAugusta10 Bangor St207-623-9844
Augusta FloristKennebecAugusta118 Mt. Vernon Avenue207-626-2808
Big Lots #4525KennebecAugusta152 Western Ave207-622-6318
Family Dollar #33397KennebecAugusta83 Hospital St
Hannaford Food & Drug #8239KennebecAugusta29 Whitten Road207-622-3137
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8250KennebecAugusta118 Cony St207-621-2570
Home Depot, The #2404KennebecAugusta26 Stephen King Dr207-621-6888
Kent Nurtition Group Inc DBA Blue Seal FeedsKennebecAugusta2310 North Belfast Ave207-626-5715
Lowe's Home Centers LLC #2265KennebecAugusta53 Crossing Way207-620-5027
Nouria 1083 - AugustaKennebecAugusta132 Mount Vernon Ave207-621-8220
Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. #1821KennebecAugusta10 Whitten Rd207-622-2502
Sam's Club #6462KennebecAugusta45 Market Place Dr207-623-2757
Shaw's - Augusta #482/2552KennebecAugustaCapitol S/C,150 Western Ave.207-623-4520
Stargazer GreenhouseKennebecAugusta45 Stevens Road207-557-2734
Target Store T-2315KennebecAugusta119 Crossing Way207-622-8000
The Kannakraft Shop LLCKennebecAugusta80 Bangor St207-333-7997
Tractor Supply Company #1343KennebecAugusta420 Civic Center Dr207-621-2800
Walgreens #11373KennebecAugusta403 Water Streeet207-629-9401
Walgreens #19359KennebecAugusta2007 N Belfast Ave.
Wal-Mart #2046KennebecAugusta201 Civic Center Drive207-623-8223
Scarlet M. TurnerKennebecBelgrade391 Oakland Rd207-314-2184
Shannon TroisiKennebecBelgrade61 Barnett Way
Bell's Liquidation IncKennebecChelsea1196 Eastern Avenue207-582-8220
Chelsea Elementary SchoolKennebecChelsea566 Togus Rd207-504-2002
Nettie's PerennialsKennebecChelseaRt. 9, Outer Hospital Street207-622-5516
Olde Haven FarmKennebecChelsea159 Togus Road
Vacationland Homestead (Amanda Basselet)KennebecChelseaOakwood Park207-588-6130
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8287KennebecChina33 Hannaford Drive207-445-3385
FedcoKennebecClinton213 Hinckley Road207-426-8500
Gracious Glory Farms LLCKennebecClinton196 Pleasant St207-416-8782
Tradewinds MarketKennebecClinton153 Hinckley Road207-426-8555
Cates GladsKennebecEast Vassalboro17 S. Stanley Hill Rd207-923-3412
Another Man's TreasureKennebecFarmingdale715 Maine Ave207-623-7600
Campbell's Hardware #207KennebecFarmingdale535 Maine Ave207-582-4604
Nouria 1087 - FarmingdaleKennebecFarmingdale554 Maine Avenue207-582-7079
Rustic Comfort Roots and ShootsKennebecFayette355 Chesterville Ridge Road207-592-4406
Family Dollar Stores #28060KennebecGardiner415 Water St
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8220KennebecGardiner40 Maine Avenue207-582-3470
Reny, Inc., R. H.KennebecGardiner185 Water Street207-582-4012
Walgreens #19285KennebecGardiner9 Spring Street
Berry & Berry Floral "In-Town"KennebecHallowell121 Water St207-621-0101
Hallowell Seafood & Produce LLCKennebecHallowell197 Main St207-621-0500
The Rusticators EmporiumKennebecHallowell151 Water St.207-213-6679
Applewald FarmKennebecLitchfield525 Huntington Hill Rd207-268-4042
Flowers and FoliageKennebecLitchfield68 Ferrin Rd207-268-1008
From the Ground UpKennebecLitchfield1469 Richmond Road207-240-3722
On My Way FarmKennebecLitchfield82 May Way Dr207-485-6177
RMT FarmsKennebecLitchfield404 Academy Rd207-409-9939
Tiny Roots Organic FarmKennebecLitchfield223 Pine Tree Rd207-233-5679
Aaron Bergdahl LLCKennebecManchester12 Lighthouse Ln
Hopkins Flowers By Angela IncKennebecManchester1050 Western Ave207-622-5844
Longfellow's GreenhousesKennebecManchester81 Puddledock Rd207-622-5965
Nouria 1095 - ManchesterKennebecManchester867 Western Ave207-623-9663
Nouria 1243 - ManchesterKennebecManchester926 Western Ave207-622-1621
Walgreens #17990KennebecManchester943 Western Ave
Stevens Farm & Greenhouses LLCKennebecMonmouth674 Main St207-754-0445
Bryon FortinKennebecMount Vernon1841 North Rd207-449-0041
Cranberry CreationsKennebecMount Vernon905 Sandy River Rd207-293-2356
Karla Hunter/Bill HunterKennebecMount Vernon1434 North Road207-293-8018
Emily's GardenKennebecNorth Monmouth489 Rt 202207-841-7925
Our Maine FarmhouseKennebecNorth Monmouth60 N. Main St.
Buddies Groceries Inc.KennebecOakland43 Main Street207-465-2621
Walgreens #17484KennebecOakland19 Main Street
Eastern River Farm LLCKennebecPittston766 Kelley Road978-766-9570
Greenledge FarmKennebecPittston321 Wiscasset Road207-582-3508
Sparrow FarmKennebecPittston253 Whitefield Road207-588-7634
IGA - GogginsKennebecRandolph268 Water Street207-582-3453
Randolph Hardware, Inc.KennebecRandolph244 Water St207-582-3428
Elvin's Greenhouse & FlowersKennebecReadfield38 Lane Road207-685-4285
Eric GilesKennebecReadfield1633 Main St631-942-3118
Plain to Bizarre FarmKennebecReadfield855 Main St207-377-2109
Harvest ThymeKennebecRome87 Augusta Rd207-632-9062
Paradis Landscape ConstructionKennebecSidney3675 Middle Road207-547-4867
Zone 4 PerennialsKennebecSidney3050 Middle Road207-547-3101
Dig Deep FarmKennebecSouth China149 Vassalboro Road207-215-3732
Family Dollar Stores #28245KennebecSouth China371 Route 3
Luna Moth HerbsKennebecSouth China151 Vassalboro Rd207-350-2513
Tracy WeberKennebecSouth China634 Dirigo Road207-624-1789
Fieldstone Gardens, IncKennebecVassalboro55 Quaker Lane207-923-3836
Junction Garden LLCKennebecVassalboro1026 Webber Pond Road585-329-5191
Kristen MartinKennebecVassalboro300 Main St401-378-0408
Stargazer Greenhouse LLCKennebecVassalboro468 Priest Hill Road207-557-2734
Alfond Youth & Community CenterKennebecWaterville126 North Street207-873-0684
Aubuchon Hardware #133KennebecWaterville485 Kennedy Memorial Drive207-873-3800
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8229KennebecWaterville140 Elm Plaza207-877-0700
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8238KennebecWaterville190 JFK Plaza207-873-0788
Home Depot, The #2407KennebecWaterville60 Waterville Commons Dr207-873-9299
KMD Florist & Gift HouseKennebecWaterville73 Kennedy Memorial Dr207-873-0443
Marden's Inc.KennebecWaterville458 Kennedy Memorial Dr207-873-6112
Nouria 1105 - WatervilleKennebecWaterville320 Kennedy Memorial Drive207-680-2540
Seven Moon FarmKennebecWatervilleHead of Falls, Front St410-693-6734
Shaw's - Waterville #481/3551KennebecWaterville251 Kennedy Memorial Dr.207-873-6224
Tractor Supply Company #1513KennebecWaterville10 JFK Plaza207-877-7775
Walgreens #17156KennebecWaterville210. Main Street
Wal-Mart #2013KennebecWaterville80 Waterville Commons207-877-8774
Wild Thymes NurseryKennebecWaterville11 Hazelwood Ave
Gingerbread Farm PerennialsKennebecWayne383 Old Winthrop Road207-685-4050
Makin Roots NurseryKennebecWest Gardiner28 Chets Meadow Rd207-446-0999
Tucker FarmKennebecWest Gardiner1237 Hallowell Litchfield Rd207-671-7259
Anchor ME FarmKennebecWindsor584 Ridge Road
Hussey's General StoreKennebecWindsor510 Ridge Road207-445-2511
Maine BotanicalsKennebecWindsor1 Sampson Road
Campbell's Hardware #206KennebecWinslow30 Garland Rd207-872-7039
Johnny's Selected SeedsKennebecWinslow955 Benton Avenue207-861-3900
Nouria 1107 - WinslowKennebecWinslow71 Bay St207-872-9647
Walgreens #19674KennebecWinslow36 China Road
Winslow High School GreenhouseKennebecWinslow20 Danielson St207-872-1990
Audette's HardwareKennebecWinthrop22 Peck Farm Road207-377-2711
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8289KennebecWinthrop399 Main St207-377-3150
Stevenson Farm Stand LLCKennebecWinthropRt 202207-689-5993
Walgreens #17745KennebecWinthrop16 Peck Farm Rd
Glendarragh Farm LavenderKnoxAppleton151 Searsmont Rd207-785-3730
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8151KnoxCamden145 Elm Street207-236-8577
Reny, Inc., R. H.KnoxCamden83 Elm Street207-236-9005
Viking Rankin'sKnoxCamden30 Union Street207-236-3275
Walgreens #17523KnoxCamden35 Elm St
River Road FarmsKnoxCushing193 River Road513-404-2278
From the Fields Flower FarmKnoxHope153 Main Street207-785-2911
Hobbs Horticulture LLCKnoxHope992 Barnestown Rd207-542-5247
Kyle RittenburgKnoxHope434 Camden Rd607-727-2653
Land-Hoe FarmKnoxHope50 Hatchet Mountain Road207-213-9887
Roger HewittKnoxHope74 Highfield Rd207-542-7252
Family Dollar Stores #25760KnoxRockland197 Park Street207-594-0013
Good Tern Co-opKnoxRockland750 Main St207-594-8822
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8230KnoxRockland75 Maverick Street207-594-2173
Home Depot, The #2409KnoxRockland270 Camden Lane207-594-6401
Nouria 1099 - RocklandKnoxRockland536 Old County Road207-596-0700
Ocean State Job Lot #475KnoxRockland265 Camden Street
Shaw's - Rockland #476/3548KnoxRockland235 Camden Street207-594-8615
Swell Farm LLCKnoxRockland456 Old County Rd207-596-3059
Walgreens #17473KnoxRockland28 Park St
Fresh Off The FarmKnoxRockport495 Commercial St207-236-3260
Full Moon Farm LLCKnoxRockport33 Gurney St917-554-6847
Goose River Enterprises, LLCKnoxRockport535 Main St207-230-0333
Guini Ridge FarmKnoxRockport310 Commercial Street207-877-5874
Knox-Lincoln S&W Cons DistKnoxRockport893 West St #103207-596-2040
Plants UnlimitedKnoxRockport629 Commercial St207-594-7754
Season Downeast Designs IncKnoxRockport62 Meadow Street207-236-4147
Friendship FarmKnoxTenants Harbor508-274-7845
HedgerowKnoxTenants Harbor8 Ridge Rd207-372-0655
Aura Ellis of Flaura Designs IncKnoxThomaston185 Main St207-592-6248
Lowe's Home Centers LLC #2496KnoxThomaston164 New County Rd207-226-4036
Nouria 1103 - ThomastonKnoxThomaston164 New County Road207-594-3022
Tractor Supply Company #1700KnoxThomaston38 Thomaston Commons Way207-594-7200
Wal-Mart #1797KnoxThomaston55 Thomaston Commons Way207-596-0885
Brae Maple FarmKnoxUnion233 North Union Road207-785-4978
Dean Property ServicesKnoxUnion170 Happy Hollow Rd207-650-8848
Herbert Hawes & Sons, Inc. DBA 7-Tree FarmKnoxUnion658 Depot Street207-785-4385
Nancy FitzgeraldKnoxUnion33 Whitetail Dr
Shepard Hill Daylily GardensKnoxUnion734 Shepard Hill Road207-542-4971
Union True ValueKnoxUnionRT 17207-785-3003
Roberts Harbor FarmKnoxVinalhaven144 Roberts Cemetery Road978-857-7400
Barley Joe Farm Greenhouse LLCKnoxWarren1097 Camden Rd207-273-6154
Beth's Farm MarketKnoxWarren1986 Western Rd207-273-3695
On the Mountain Farm LLCKnoxWarren1520 Oyster River Road207-656-2018
Withwinds AquaticsKnoxWarren216 Niilo Hill Rd207-557-1793
Crystal Lake Farm and NurseryKnoxWashington246 Young's Hill Rd207-845-2140
Dharma FarmKnoxWashington175 Calderwood Road207-332-3727
Linscott's Inc.KnoxWashington151 Rockland Rd207-845-2480
Albee FarmLincolnAlna1628 Alna Rd207-215-5230
SeaLyon Farm LLCLincolnAlna1788 Alna Road207-290-2954
Brent's LandscapingLincolnBoothbay34 Hillside Pl716-259-0295
Coastal Maine Botanical GardensLincolnBoothbay132 Botanical Gardens Drive
Salt River FarmLincolnBoothbay477 Wiscasset Road207-350-6319
Conley's Garden CenterLincolnBoothbay Harbor17 Ocean Point Rd207-633-5020
Family Dollar Stores #29083LincolnBoothbay Harbor185 Townsend Avenue
Georgette SismanopoulosLincolnBoothbay Harbor75 Reed Road978-766-0072
Hannaford Supermarket #8143LincolnBoothbay Harbor180 Townsend Ave, Rt 27207-633-6465
Walgreens #19886LincolnBoothbay Harbor223 Townsend Ave
High Hopes Farm LLCLincolnBristol777 Bristol Road207-380-3197
Damariscotta Hardware IncLincolnDamariscotta423 Main St207-563-3428
Great Salt Bay Community SchoolLincolnDamariscotta559 Main St207-563-3091
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8141LincolnDamariscotta469 Main Street207-563-8131
Morning Dew Farm LLCLincolnDamariscotta49 Center St.207-350-5075
Reny, Inc., R. H.LincolnDamariscotta161/163 Main Street207-563-3011
Rising Tide Community MarketLincolnDamariscotta323 Main Street207-563-5556
Walgreens #17964LincolnDamariscotta365 Main St
Goranson FarmLincolnDresden250 River Road207-737-8834
Lost and Found FarmLincolnDresden972 River Road207-615-5325
Gracelynn'sLincolnEdgecomb10 Pinkham Rd207-450-3624
Tina's DayliliesLincolnJefferson310 East Pond Road207-549-3861
Doe, Inc., Louis L.LincolnNewcastle92 Mills Road207-563-5442
Brown Homestead, Inc.LincolnNobleboro255 Upper East Pnd Rd207-563-3666
Sunset Knoll GreenhouseLincolnNobleboro754 East Pond Rd207-832-7611
Julie's GreenhouseLincolnRound Pond1171 State St Rte 32207-529-5482
Bear Hill True Value HdwLincolnWaldoboro163 Jefferson Street207-832-6066
Echo Hill NurseryLincolnWaldoboro2498 Winslows Mills Road
Family Dollar Inc #31397LincolnWaldoboro1345 Atlantic Highway
Hannaford Supermarket #8294LincolnWaldoboro17 Kalers Corner St207-832-4358
Medomak Valley High SchoolLincolnWaldoboro320 Manktown Rd207-832-5389
Moose Crossing Garden CenterLincolnWaldoboro3033 Atlantic Hwy207-832-4282
Scapegoat DayliliesLincolnWaldoboro361 Reef Rd207-975-1657
Shelley's FlowersLincolnWaldoboro1738 Atlantic Highway207-832-6312
Winters Rush FarmLincolnWaldoboro641 Friendship Rd
Sheepscot GeneralLincolnWhitefield98 Townhouse Road207-549-5185
Ames Supply Inc.LincolnWiscasset447 Bath Road207-882-7710
Beaver Ridge Farmstead LLCLincolnWiscassetWiscasset Town Pier, 22 Main St207-387-1471
G L Green EnterpriseLincolnWiscasset605 Bath Rd207-882-5432
Nouria 1108 - WiscassetLincolnWiscasset695 Bath Road207-882-6211
Shaw's - Wiscasset #496/1609LincolnWiscasset670 Bath Rd207-882-8424
Knife & Plow LLCOUT OF STATEStrafford1344 Parker Mountain Rd603-781-2931
Dragonfly Healing NestOxfordAndover51 Akers Way207-357-3037
Pete's HardwareOxfordAndover25 Nevel Rd207-392-1028
Brooks BrosOxfordBethel73 Main St.207-824-2158
Earth Heart GardensOxfordBethel850 Walkers Mills Rd207-875-2766
Family Dollar Inc #31288OxfordBethel36 Mayville Road207-418-3041
Morning Glory Farm LLCOxfordBethel343 Flat Rd207-381-0321
Mountain Greenery Greenhouses, LLCOxfordBethel590 W. Bethel Road207-836-3003
Walgreens #19575OxfordBethel28 Mayville Road
Burnt Meadow NurseryOxfordBrownfield25 Spring St207-890-7403
Daniel and Priscilla BurkholderOxfordBrownfield222 Pequawket Trail207-461-2547
Great Pyr FarmOxfordBrownfield295 Hampshire Rd207-935-2521
Heart & Hand IncOxfordBrownfield750 Pequawket Trail207-935-1125
Olde Mill FarmOxfordBrownfield310 Center Conway Rd207-890-0281
Rock and Fortress FarmOxfordBrownfield138 Main St603-307-0421
Shenn CorpOxfordBryant Pond535 S. Main St.207-357-9413
Julie Anna JackOxfordBuckfield62 Benson Rd207-890-6856
Maine-Hardy NurseriesOxfordBuckfield134 Roundabout Rd207-336-2885
Nearbrook FarmOxfordBuckfield11 Old Mountain Rd207-336-2381
Roundabout Farm PerennialsOxfordBuckfield452 North Hill Road207-336-2086
Freedom Hill FarmOxfordCanton123 Staples Hill Rd207-754-7593
Greenleaf GardensOxfordDenmark61 Fessenden Hill Rd207-647-3553
Kathy BanksOxfordDenmark55 Pickett Hill Rd207-452-2045
Towle's Hardware & Lumber CompanyOxfordDixfield5 Weld St, Rt 142207-562-7381
Ela Lane BotanicalsOxfordFryeburg7 Ela Lane207-935-2097
Grass Roots NurseryOxfordFryeburg1151 West Fryeburg Road207-697-3579
Nouria 1088 - FryeburgOxfordFryeburg501 Main Street207-935-4190
Trumbull's HardwareOxfordFryeburg27 Portland Street207-935-2678
Walgreens #18403OxfordFryeburg119 Bridgton Rd
Weston's Farm StandOxfordFryeburg48 River Street207-935-2567
Keough Family FarmOxfordHebron362 Merrill Hill Road207-515-3989
Meadow Ridge Perennials, LLCOxfordHebron316 Back St207-577-1612
Evergreen Valley Farms, LLCOxfordLovell23 Moose Tails Rd207-423-1218
Pooh Corner FarmOxfordMason Twp.436 Bog Road207-836-3276
Family Dollar Stores #27422OxfordMexico102 Main St., Mexico Plaza207-364-3943
Todd's Gift Show GreenhouseOxfordMexico9 Roxbury Road207-364-4206
Wal-Mart #3269OxfordMexico258 River Road207-364-2557
Aubuchon Hardware #016OxfordNorway138 Main St207-743-5072
Mariah WhiteOxfordNorway1253 Crockett Ridge Rd207-577-7383
Squash Pie BlossomOxfordNorway1176 Crockett Ridge Rd207-890-5390
Walgreens #11416OxfordNorway53 Paris St207-744-0712
Be Happy Flower Co.OxfordOxford157 Sam Rowe Hill Rd
Crestholm Farm StandOxfordOxford177 Main St, Rt. 26207-890-9468
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8338OxfordOxford1603 Main St207-743-2522
Nouria 1098 - OxfordOxfordOxford1332 Main St207-739-6055
Ocean State Job Lot of ME #474OxfordOxford1570 Main Street207-743-0090
Smedberg's Crystal Spring FarmOxfordOxford1408 Main Street207-743-6723
Tractor Supply Company #1332OxfordOxford1272 Main St207-743-7200
Wal-Mart #2183OxfordOxford1240 Main St Rt 26207-743-0882
Rebecca ThompsonOxfordPorter567 Spec Pond Rd207-625-9123
Weeks GreenhousesOxfordPorter9 Town Pound Rd207-625-4105
Fryewood FarmOxfordRoxbury1011 Roxbury Rd207-364-2616
Aubuchon Hardware #103OxfordRumford65 Falmouth St207-364-4813
Davis Florist Inc.OxfordRumford138 Congress Street207-364-7851
Hannaford Food & Drug #8358OxfordRumford520 Waldo Street207-364-3771
No View Farm & BakeryOxfordRumford855 South Rumford Rd207-507-1570
Tractor Supply Company #1718OxfordRumford142 Valley Circle207-364-4444
Walgreens #17159OxfordRumford7 Portland Street
Family Dollar Inc. #22019OxfordSouth Paris193 Main St
Oxford County S&W C DOxfordSouth Paris17 Olson Rd. Suite 3207-744-3111
Soma FarmsOxfordSouth Paris347 Hebron Rd
The McLaughlin FoundationOxfordSouth Paris97 Main St207-743-8820
Young's GreenhousesOxfordSouth Paris643 High Street207-743-9427
Blossom FarmOxfordStow585 Stow Rd207-697-3584
Fly Away FarmOxfordStow142 S. Barbour Rd207-446-7352
Fossil Flower FarmOxfordStow555 Stow Rd978-408-1211
Gould Acres FarmOxfordStow483 Union Hill Rd207-574-7397
Amazing Great Herb LLCOxfordSumner664 Redding Rd401-487-3792
Baker Hill Bees & GardensOxfordWaterford763 Mill Hill Rd207-583-6603
Kimball's GreenhouseOxfordWaterford52 Mason Hill Rd207-583-4501
New Spoke FarmOxfordWest Paris92 Stearns Hill Rd617-314-0781
Back to RootsOxfordWoodstock199 Curtis Hill Rd207-890-4320
Alton GroceryPenobscotAlton3281 Bennoch Road207-394-4572
Bangor FloralPenobscotBangor332 Harlow St207-947-4569
Beespoke Floral CooperativePenobscotBangor814 Broadway207-735-7335
Beespoke Floral CooperativePenobscotBangor1004 Essex St207-745-7398
BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc #374PenobscotBangor110 Longview Dr.207-262-1049
Black Bear Lawn Care Inc.PenobscotBangor1320 Stillwater Ave207-945-3414
Blue Seal Feeds, Inc.PenobscotBangor876 Stillwater Ave207-947-6326
Family Dollar Stores #26450PenobscotBangor89 State Street207-947-8392
Grass Family Inc DBA Chapel Hill FloralPenobscotBangor453 Hammond St207-942-7386
Hannaford Supermarket #8110PenobscotBangor773 Stillwater Ave/Bangor Mall207-947-6735
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8107PenobscotBangor653 Broadway207-947-8338
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8109PenobscotBangor1133 Union St/Airport Mall207-942-0100
Home Depot, The #2414PenobscotBangor650 Stillwater Ave207-990-3133
Jennifer CranePenobscotBangor9 Jefferson St207-332-4417
Lougee & Frederick's IncPenobscotBangor345 State Street207-947-4521
Lowe's Home Centers LLC #1940PenobscotBangor70 Springer Drive207-299-9089
Ocean State Job Lot of ME #472PenobscotBangor1129 Union St207-942-1435
Penobscot County Soil & Water Cons. DistrictPenobscotBangor1423 Broadway, Suite 2207-947-6622
Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. #1828PenobscotBangor777 Stillwater Ave207-945-0049
Reny, Inc. R. H.PenobscotBangor46 Springer Drive207-203-9078
Sam's Club #6333PenobscotBangor47 Haskell Road207-947-4606
Shaw's - Bangor #488/4556PenobscotBangor353 Main Street207-942-9441
Spencer House of PlantsPenobscotBangor1709 Broadway207-852-4184
Sprague's Nursery & Garden CtrPenobscotBangor1664 Union Street207-942-1394
Star FarmPenobscotBangor70 Wing St
Sunnyside GreenhousesPenobscotBangor117 Buck Street207-947-8464
Target Store T-1855PenobscotBangor60 Longview Dr207-945-3133
Tractor Supply Company #1353PenobscotBangor1161 Broadway207-947-9604
Walgreens #11285PenobscotBangor706 Broadway207-262-0190
Walgreens #17141PenobscotBangor566 Union St207-262-5885
Wal-Mart #1856PenobscotBangor900 Stillwater Ave207-947-5254
Wanderlust GardensPenobscotBangor55 Parkview Ave541-213-3302
Windswept Gardens LLCPenobscotBangor1709 Broadway207-941-9898
Country Junction Greenhouse & NurseryPenobscotBradford1204 Main Rd207-327-1398
Hill & Valley FarmsPenobscotBradford127 East Road
Aubuchon Hardware #040PenobscotBrewer484 Wilson Street207-989-5669
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8173PenobscotBrewer383 Wilson Street207-989-1954
Lowe's Home Centers LLC #2291PenobscotBrewer15 Arista Dr207-229-9039
Marden's Inc.PenobscotBrewer564 Wilson St207-989-1750
Paradis Family SupermktPenobscotBrewer397 N Main Street207-557-9353
Walgreens #11545PenobscotBrewer437 Wilson St207-991-9676
Wal-Mart #5076PenobscotBrewer24 Walton Drive207-989-5068
Corinna GardensPenobscotCorinna325 Phinney Rd207-735-5258
Old Pumpkin FarmPenobscotCorinna212 Greenbush Rd207-670-8729
Through the Garden GatePenobscotCorinna438 Exeter Road207-341-0191
Family Dollar Stores #27854PenobscotCorinth494 Main St207-285-3593
Lulu's Favorites Gifts & MorePenobscotCorinth565 Main St207-370-6200
Tradewinds MarketplacePenobscotCorinth689 Main St207-285-7500
BwartsPenobscotDexter364 Corinna Rd207-924-5025
Family Dollar # 24424PenobscotDexter188 Spring St
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8442PenobscotDexter37 Church St207-924-6410
HL Tillson & Co./Dexter Ace HardwarePenobscotDexter11 Main St.207-924-7359
Reny, Inc., R. H.PenobscotDexter33 Main Street207-924-7524
Spring Street Greenhouse & Floral ShopPenobscotDexter325 Garland Road207-924-2161
BrightBerry FarmPenobscotDixmont4262 Kennebec Rd207-234-4225
Peacemeal FarmPenobscotDixmont25 Peacemeal Lane207-257-4103
Crandall's HardwarePenobscotEast Millinocket8 Main Street207-746-5722
Ellis Brothers Inc.PenobscotEast Millinocket6 Main Street207-746-5019
Family Dollar Inc #31364PenobscotEast Millinocket117 Main Street
Hutchings Greenhouse IncPenobscotEddington445 Riverside Dr207-989-2705
Rimm Gardens Inc DBA Rideout GardensPenobscotEddington264 Main Road
Cold Stream Creations LLCPenobscotEnfield2333 Main Road
New Song FarmPenobscotEnfield138 Lincoln Road207-290-1165
Brick House SucculentsPenobscotEtna555 Old County Road207-735-5005
Mystic Garden CoPenobscotEtna272 Stage Rd207-659-8565
Cindy's SunflowersPenobscotExeter1047 Greenbush Road207-717-3281
Greencare Interior PlantscapesPenobscotExeter154 Mills Road207-379-3066
Roland ZeidlerPenobscotGarland247 Corinth Rd207-631-3192
Calkins Farm StandPenobscotHampden295 Main Road South207-862-3246
Erickson's HardwarePenobscotHampden13 Main Road North207-862-4444
Field of Trees Farm & ArboriculturePenobscotHampden480 Western Avenue207-991-7742
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8417PenobscotHampden77 Western Ave207-862-5444
J & K Leadbetter LLC DBA Hampden FloralPenobscotHampden60 Main Rd N Suite E207-862-3018
Tonya McVayPenobscotHampden23 Lindsey Way207-299-5006
Walgreens #18112PenobscotHampden65 Western Ave
Danforth's Down Home SupermarketPenobscotHermon2402 Route #2, Suite 1207-848-2181
HL Tillson & Co/Hermon Ace HardwarePenobscotHermon2402 Route 2 Suite S207-848-2500
The Silver JunglePenobscotHermon11 Kent Ct #6207-631-8570
Tractor Supply Company #2509PenobscotHolden137 Main Road615-440-4746
Foxgreen Farms, LLCPenobscotHowland527 N. Howland Rd508-212-2468
Ellis' Greenhouse & NurseryPenobscotHudsonRt 43, 218 Old Town Rd207-327-4674
Rogers Market IncPenobscotHudson2335 Hudson Road207-327-2228
Wise Acres FarmPenobscotKenduskeag424 Townhouse Rd207-730-6214
Levant Landscaping & ConstructionPenobscotLevant3511 Union St207-745-5080
Aubuchon Hardware #106PenobscotLincoln245 West Broadway207-794-6023
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8140PenobscotLincoln22 Goding Ave207-794-6122
Marden's Inc.PenobscotLincoln42-44 Main Street207-794-2013
Porter's Farm & GreenhousePenobscotLincoln334 Enfield Road207-794-8306
Tash Family GreenhousePenobscotLincolnTown Farm Rd, Cobblestone Dr207-794-3241
Walgreens #17147PenobscotLincoln2 West Broadway
Wal-Mart #1919PenobscotLincoln250 W. Broadway207-794-8436
Seed Soil Water SunPenobscotMilford184 Bradley Road207-745-7059
Seed Soil Water SunPenobscotMilford190 Bradley Road207-745-7059
Sunrise 2 Sunset NurseryPenobscotMilford78 French Settlement Road207-249-0626
Family Dollar Stores #24963PenobscotMillinocket781 Central Street207-723-8013
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8155PenobscotMillinocket843 Central Street207-723-8047
Jandreau's GreenhousesPenobscotMillinocket200 Iron Bridge Road207-723-6332
LeSorelle Millinocket Floral & GiftPenobscotMillinocket97 Penobscot Ave207-723-9016
Tractor Supply Company #1552PenobscotMillinocket800 Central St207-723-6582
Frog Dog NurseryPenobscotNewburgh2571 Kennebec Rd207-702-2541
Nutkin Knoll FarmPenobscotNewburgh269 Chapman Road207-234-7268
Piper Mountain Christmas TreesPenobscotNewburgh27 Trundy Rd207-234-4300
4 Seasons Floral & GiftPenobscotNewport262C Moosehead Trail207-368-4488
Aubuchon Hardware #124PenobscotNewport83 Moosehead Trail207-368-5226
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8443PenobscotNewport44 Moosehead Trail PO Box 460207-368-4733
Moore Manor LavenderPenobscotNewport302 Stetson Road207-992-3070
Pratt Family Greenhouse LLCPenobscotNewport361 Elm Street207-416-6788
Aubuchon Hardware #056PenobscotOld Town486 Stillwater Avenue207-827-7927
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8133PenobscotOld Town500 Stillwater Avenue207-827-2700
Robert Douglas Farm LLCPenobscotOld Town1235 Kirkland Road207-554-9814
The Maine Event Flower StandPenobscotOld Town614 Bennoch Rd
Walgreens #18000PenobscotOld Town302 Main Street
Bas Rouge FarmPenobscotOrono807 Forest Ave207-221-6671
Evermay NurseryPenobscotOrono80 Stillwater Ave207-991-4467
Hidden in ThymePenobscotOrono1 Williamson Ln207-991-2576
Mainely SucculentsPenobscotOrono46 Main Street207-735-37016
Orono IGAPenobscotOrono6 Stillwater Avenue207-827-0354
The Garden ShedPenobscotOrono109 Stillwater Ave
Ledgewood GardensPenobscotOrrington563 Johnson Mill Rd207-825-4707
Paint Box Flower FarmPenobscotOrrington2 Acadian Way207-951-6226
Wooly Ridge FarmPenobscotOrrington348 Betts Road207-825-3438
River Basin Farms LLCPenobscotPassadmukeag126 Main Road207-748-8898
Ellis Family MarketPenobscotPatten5 Main Street207-528-2457
Richardson's HardwarePenobscotPatten10 Main St.207-528-2235
Tiltons Heritage PasturesPenobscotPrentiss Plt.388 Molly Osgood Road
Joseph AugerPiscataquisAbbot40 Monument Road207-343-1372
Trailside Gardens LLCPiscataquisAbbot4 Moosehorn Road207-735-5599
Farmhouse GiftsPiscataquisAtkinson110 N Stagecoach Road207-270-2044
Rebecca TreadwellPiscataquisBrownville321 Schoodic Lake Road207-965-5762
Dover True ValuePiscataquisDover-Foxcroft69 East Main St207-564-2274
Family Dollar Stores #25208PiscataquisDover-Foxcroft1049 West Main Street207-876-5014
Finestkind Tree FarmsPiscataquisDover-Foxcroft89 Ames Road207-279-0746
Legacies LLCPiscataquisDover-Foxcroft22 North St207-504-3246
Piscataquis S&W Cons DistPiscataquisDover-Foxcroft42 Engdahl Dr207-564-2321 x3
Ripley FarmPiscataquisDover-Foxcroft62 Merrills Mills Road207-564-0563
Shaw's - Dover Foxcroft #498/629PiscataquisDover-Foxcroft1073 W. Main St. Suite 9207-564-3500
The Lone Pine FarmPiscataquisDover-Foxcroft89 Pleasant St
Tractor Supply Company #1536PiscataquisDover-Foxcroft1073 W. Main St. Ste 1207-564-6590
Walgreens #17989PiscataquisDover-Foxcroft151 East Main St
Indian Hill Trading PostPiscataquisGreenville148 Moosehead Lake Rd207-695-2104
Family Dollar Inc #30784PiscataquisGuilford10 Elm Street
Guilford Market IncPiscataquisGuilford54 Water St
Walgreens #18411PiscataquisGuilford3 Hudson Ave
Family Dollar Stores #25653PiscataquisMilo43 Park Street207-943-5744
Kayla HaefelePiscataquisMilo52 Park St207-441-3093
Three Rivers Feed LLCPiscataquisMilo16 West Main St207-943-2155
Tradewinds MarketplacePiscataquisMilo55 Park St.207-943-8855
Walgreens #19253PiscataquisMilo35 Park St
Wyman FarmsPiscataquisMilo226 Medford Road207-943-2605
Checkerberry FarmPiscataquisParkman530 Wellington Road207-277-3114
Marr Pond FarmPiscataquisSangerville471 Flanders Hill Road207-659-3519
Peter Richie DBA Silvan FieldsPiscataquisSangerville160 Grant Road
Kyla NilandPiscataquisSebec71 Sunset Drive207-564-5170
North Pointe Farm and GardenPiscataquisShirley Mills118 Greenville Road207-695-4455
Fogwood Gardens LLCSagadahocArrowsic725 Old Stage Rd207-412-3440
Brackett's Market Inc.SagadahocBath185 Front Street207-443-2012
Family Dollar Stores #26836SagadahocBath11 State Road207-443-6848
Reny, Inc., R. H.SagadahocBath86 Front Street207-443-6251
Shaw's - Bath #483/553SagadahocBathRt1 Bath S/C 1 Chandler Dr207-443-9179
Walgreens #10077SagadahocBath11 State Rd207-443-1786
Four Duck PondSagadahocBowdoin1143 West Road207-841-7020
Mid-Coast GrowersSagadahocBowdoinRoute 125207-666-5821
Andrew FioriSagadahocBowdoinham212 Fisher Rd207-666-8419
East of Eden Flower Farm, LLCSagadahocBowdoinham219 Main St207-319-6318
Enterprise Farm, Inc.SagadahocBowdoinham819 White Road207-837-4951
Kennebec Flower FarmSagadahocBowdoinham50 Pork Point Rd207-666-3116
Lazy -"S"- RanchSagadahocBowdoinham1161 Post Rd207-522-5760
Six River FarmSagadahocBowdoinham52 Center's Point Rd207-449-9724
Family Dollar Inc. #31032SagadahocRichmond161 Main St.207-737-2398
Marpa LLCSagadahocRichmond334 River Rd
Tender Soles FarmSagadahocRichmond453 Main St.207-620-0030
The Flower SpotSagadahocRichmond39 Main Street207-737-8005
AnthomaineSagadahocTopsham5 High St
Casey BedardSagadahocTopsham9 Overbeck Dr207-837-4133
Demoulas Supermarkets, Inc. DBA Market BasketSagadahocTopsham169 Topsham Fair Mall Rd
Fairwinds FarmSagadahocTopsham614 Meadow Rd207-522-0246
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8187SagadahocTopsham49 Topsham Fair Mall Road, Suite 1207-729-5124
Heather PontauSagadahocTopsham55 Roman Rd207-592-9811
Home Depot, The #2410SagadahocTopsham154 Topsham Fair Mall Rd207-798-6931
Mums PlusSagadahocTopsham17 Cathance Rd207-729-9158
Nouria 1104 - TopshamSagadahocTopsham211 Lewiston Road207-725-1234
Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. #1868SagadahocTopsham125 Topsham Fair Mall Rd207-721-8680
Reny, Inc., R. H.SagadahocTopsham65 Topsham Fair Mall Road207-373-9405
Target Store T-2130SagadahocTopsham125 Topsham Fair Mall Rd207-504-5050
Walgreens #19188SagadahocTopsham77 Mallett Drive
Whatley Farm LLCSagadahocTopsham3 Whatley Farm Rd207-751-0061
Jessica LoneySagadahocWest Bath111 New Meadows Rd207-322-4458
Rainbow Koala Farm LLCSagadahocWest Bath25 Richarson Ln206-755-0555
Claudette C. LeonardSagadahocWoolwich307 Chopps Cross Rd207-443-6007
Staples Hardware & Builiding SupplySomersetBingham3 Taylor Ave207-672-4455
Highland Fields FarmSomersetCambridge230 Pease Rd207-277-3428
Karen NevesSomersetCanaan10 Webb Rd207-431-2436
Shooting Star FarmSomersetCanaan122 Dickey Rd207-872-6411
One Drop FarmSomersetCornville300 Beckwith Rd207-858-3033
Early Ground Farm LLCSomersetDetroit246 Troy Road631-566-4103
Family Dollar Stores #29392SomersetFairfield89 Main St.
Hilltop Farms & GreenhousesSomersetFairfield30 Middle Road (Rt 104)207-453-6601
Lyman's Farm StoreSomersetFairfield353 Skowhegan Rd207-238-9209
Sunset Greenhouses, Inc.SomersetFairfield491 Ridge Road207-453-6036
Walgreens #18416SomersetFairfield123 Main Street
C & R General StoreSomersetHarmonyRT 150207-683-6055
High Lonesome AcresSomersetHarmony181 Brown Road207-270-0275
Beverly McLaughlinSomersetHartland326 Fuller Corner Road207-341-5104
Family Dollar Stores #30331SomersetHartland37 Elm St
Maine Academy of Natural SciencesSomersetHinckley13 Easler Road207-238-4100
Forest Hills GardensSomersetJackman606 Main St.207-668-5291
Mountain Country Investments LLCSomersetJackman554 Main Street207-668-5451
Bonnie E. MooreSomersetMadison369 River Rd207-696-5539
Campbell's Hardware #204SomersetMadison66 Main Street207-696-3977
Family Dollar Stores #29272SomersetMadison20 Old Point Ave
Hannaford Supermarket #8254SomersetMadisonUpper Main Street207-696-3949
Hide and Go Peep FarmSomersetMadison866 East Madison Rd
Lakewood NurserySomersetMadison711 Lakewood Rd207-612-2006
Reny, Inc., R. H.SomersetMadison65 Main Street207-696-4405
Holden Hill FarmSomersetMoose River719 Maine St207-668-2031
Bonnie AtwoodSomersetNew Portland173 Atwood Hill Road207-628-4251
Brenda's GreenhouseSomersetNorridgewockFrederick's Corner207-634-5486
Lynch Landscaping, IncSomersetNorridgewock78 Maple St.207-474-2420
Trees To Please LLCSomersetNorridgewockRt 8/111 Smithfield Road207-522-0545
Cornerstone FarmSomersetPalmyra74 Dogtown Road207-416-2676
Far & Beyond Lawn Care ServiceSomersetPalmyra308 Main Street207-938-4460
Tractor Supply Company #2323SomersetPalmyra1560 Main Street207-368-2284
Wal-Mart #2047SomersetPalmyra1573 Main Street207-368-2448
Winonah Sacks & Jonathan SacksSomersetPalmyra48 Spaulding Road207-938-4194
Family Dollar Stores #24254SomersetPittsfield438 Somerset Avenue207-487-3671
Notch Rd NurserySomersetPittsfield91 Notch Road
Pittsfield MktSomersetPittsfield101 Somerset Plaza207-487-3077
Reny, Inc., R. H.SomersetPittsfield506 Somerset Ave207-487-5821
Snakeroot Organic FarmSomersetPittsfield27 Organic Farm Rd207-416-5417
Damneara Hobby FarmSomersetSaint Albans43 Palmyra Road207-416-9448
Green Garden FarmSomersetSaint Albans39 Stage Road207-938-2122
Boynton's Greenhouses, Inc.SomersetSkowhegan144 Madison Avenue207-474-2892
Campbell's Hardware #205SomersetSkowhegan398 Madison Ave207-474-2566
Family Dollar Stores #24180SomersetSkowhegan6 Main Street207-858-8990
Hannaford Food & Drug #8330SomersetSkowhegan100 Fairgrounds Market Pl.207-858-4800
Rocky AcresSomersetSkowhegan16 Provost Ln207-431-1764
The Bankery & Skowhegan Fleuriste, LLC.SomersetSkowhegan87-93 Water Street207-612-2577
Tractor Supply Company #1198SomersetSkowhegan381 Madison Ave, Suite 11207-474-5835
Walgreens #17139SomersetSkowhegan225 Madison Avenue
Wal-Mart #2143SomersetSkowhegan60 Fairgrounds Marketplace207-474-2126
Warren Hill Flower FarmSomersetSmithfield149 Warren Hill Rd207-612-9287
Kathleen BurnhamSomersetSolon529 Parkman Hill Rd207-431-8147
Solon Corner Store, IncSomersetSolon5 South Main St.207-643-2130
Solon Greenhouse & Garden CtrSomersetSolon193 North Main St207-643-2816
Elizabeth SmedbergSomersetStarks29 Abijah Hill Rd207-491-8986
Martin Woods FarmSomersetStarks24 Abijah Hill Rd
Shady Maple Farm ProductsSomersetStarks892 Mayhew Rd207-624-1365
Sweet Land FarmSomersetStarks209 Sandy River Rd207-431-8816
Aubuchon Hardware #171WaldoBelfast231 Northport Ave207-338-1334
Belfast Cooperative Inc.WaldoBelfast123 High Street207-338-2532
Chase's DailyWaldoBelfast96 Main St207-338-0555
Family Dollar Stores #26149WaldoBelfast104 Lincolnville Ave207-338-3164
Family Dollar Stores #27827WaldoBelfast138 Main St207-338-5617
Floral Creations & GiftsWaldoBelfast29 Searsport Ave Rt 1207-338-2688
Hammond Lumber Co/Ellsworth Builders SupplyWaldoBelfast30 Belmont Ave207-667-7134
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8241WaldoBelfast93 Lincolnville Ave.207-338-5377
Holmes Greenhouse & Florist ShopWaldoBelfast35 Swan Lake Ave207-338-2050
Home Supply Center IncWaldoBelfast75 Main Street207-338-1094
Jessica ForbesWaldoBelfast23 Fernwood Ln707-298-4443
Maine Girl FlowersWaldoBelfast15 Waterville Rd207-745-4562
Molly AhrensWaldoBelfast8 Durham St917-562-3207
Ocean State Job Lot of ME #471WaldoBelfast95 Lincolnville Ave207-338-3114
Reny, Inc., R. H.WaldoBelfast10 Belmont Ave.207-338-4588
Rob's Hardware LLCWaldoBelfast96 Searsport Ave207-338-0409
Seaberry Hill FarmWaldoBelfast87 Swan Lake Ave207-615-6420
The Garden Artisans, LLCWaldoBelfast122 City Point Road207-412-9277
Tractor Supply Company #2480WaldoBelfast43 Belmont Ave
Waldo County S&W Cons DistWaldoBelfast46 Little River Drive207-218-5311
Walgreens #13615WaldoBelfast268 Main Street207-338-6844
Griffin's Other PlaceWaldoBelmont368 Augusta Road207-342-5872
Leafsong Family FarmWaldoBelmont507 Back Belmont Road207-342-2613
Honey Petal Plants LLCWaldoBrooks766 Veterans Highway215-913-2583
Marsh River CooperativeWaldoBrooks5 Veterans Highway207-722-3053
Mary GamacheWaldoBrooks59 Payson Road207-323-5977
Stubborn Ox FarmWaldoBrooks46 Woodsong Dr207-370-2378
Whitaker FarmWaldoBrooks39 Whitaker Rd515-210-4448
Maplecroft FarmWaldoBurnham36 Mount Road207-948-3539
Ann WilsonWaldoFrankfort85 White Orchard Road207-223-5525
Mollis NurseryWaldoFrankfort67 Marsh Stream Road207-322-2590
Beaver Ridge Farmstead LLCWaldoFreedom111 Beaver Ridge Rd207-387-1471
Villageside FarmWaldoFreedom122 Belfast Rd207-382-6300
Flywheel FlowersWaldoJackson8 Stearns Road207-416-9845
Payson Hill FarmWaldoKnox1477 Belfast Rd208-866-9001
Puffin ReliefWaldoKnox205 Knox Ridge Road South207-615-4457
Ramble On FarmWaldoKnox55 Knox Rdg S315-269-9572
Rebel Hill FarmWaldoLiberty44 Cox Hill Road207-589-3023
Rooted ElementsWaldoLiberty79 Stevens Pond Road207-323-1813
Ararat FarmsWaldoLincolnville55 Van Cycle Road207-322-7761
Jessica BennettWaldoLincolnville720 Beach Rd
Bev'sWaldoMonroe495 Swanlake Ave207-525-4498
North Branch LLCWaldoMonroe126 Stream Road207-525-3323
Second Frost FarmWaldoMonroe554 Dickey Hill Road207-450-9510
Yak Hill FarmWaldoMonroe14 N Center Rd207-249-4684
After the Fall FarmWaldoMontville238 Peaveytown Road207-589-3733
FernwoodWaldoMontville58 North Ridge Rd207-589-4726
Jennifer Ries - Whiffletree NurseryWaldoMontville451 Goosepecker Ridge Road207-382-3456
Rooted ElementsWaldoMontville164 Kingdom Road207-589-4093
Sugarbush & BloomsWaldoMontville531 Morse Road207-332-7242
Calyx FarmWaldoMorrill133 N Main St207-229-7020
Willow Moon Ventures II LLCWaldoMorrill166 Weymouth Road207-505-1425
Joshua HaissWaldoPalermo158 Branch Mills Road207-838-4085
Joshua HaissWaldoPalermo1300 Route 3207-838-4085
Lily Cove FarmWaldoPalermo1524 Route 3207-620-2047
Evergreen Valley Farm/GreenhousesWaldoSearsmontBx 649, Rt173, Woodsmans Mill Rd207-589-4673
Fieldstone FarmWaldoSearsmont185 Pond Road South207-323-1293
Angel Wings Greenhouse & NurseryWaldoSearsport175 Old County Road207-548-0996
H & H MercantileWaldoSearsport383 E Main St Bldg 1941-894-7019
Sweet Caroline's BotanicalsWaldoSearsport98 Loop Road207-322-4138
Toziers Family MarketWaldoSearsport22 East Main Street207-548-6220
(Hanna Derbyshire) Fern Valley Farmstead LLCWaldoStockton Springs275 Green Valley Road207-322-2888
Laura A FlaggWaldoStockton Springs58 McKenney Road207-567-3741
Melissa ThompsonWaldoStockton Springs25 Cape Jellison Rd207-322-5538
Bloomin' Root NurseryWaldoSwanville411 Nickerson Rd978-352-3301
CJ WalkeWaldoSwanville197 Nickerson Road207-877-4156
Curtis Pond NurseriesWaldoThorndike47 Curtis Pond Road207-568-3695
Fire Flower Garden & PotteryWaldoThorndike33 Knox Station Road207-568-3736
McKay Farm & Research StationWaldoThorndike54 Greenhouse Lane, Unit 1207-509-7100
Mount View High SchoolWaldoThorndike577 Mount View Road207-568-3255 x 1409
Mueller's Fruit FarmWaldoThorndike431 Mount View Road207-568-2009
Ellie's Perennial GardensWaldoTroyRt 202 Bangor Road #681207-948-2101
Village Green Organic ProduceWaldoTroy252 Myrick Road207-948-5724
Bell Gardens LLCWaldoUnity59 Conaefer Ln207-416-3992
Bramble Hill FarmWaldoUnity182 Waning Road347-277-9641
Edwards Brothers Inc. DBA Unity Shop N' SaveWaldoUnity35 Plaza Drive207-948-2771
Family Dollar Stores #29116WaldoUnity145 School St.
Maine Trade Hers LLCWaldoUnity956 Albion Rd207-416-0259
Maria LothropWaldoUnity166 Quaker Hill Rd207-346-1289
Rabbit in the MoonWaldoUnity353 Hunter Road207-323-1684
Ron DesrosiersWaldoUnity107 Stevens Road207-568-3366
Moosehead Trail FarmWaldoWaldo605 Moosehead Trail Hwy207-649-8272
Fisher FarmWaldoWinterport177 Coles Corner Road207-478-4803
Radical Roots Nursery & FarmWaldoWinterport31 Cove Road
Woodland Food MartWashingtonBaileyville667 Houlton Rd, Suite 5207-427-6995
Heather Wood GardensWashingtonBaring Plt.73 Moosehorn Rd207-454-3518
Beddington Ridge FarmWashingtonBeddington1951 State Hgwy 193207-638-2664
Calais IGAWashingtonCalais200 North St207-454-3892
Calais Market Inc. dba Tradewinds Shop N' SaveWashingtonCalais361 South St207-356-2526
Marden's Inc.WashingtonCalais189 Main Street207-454-1421
Tractor Supply Company #1752WashingtonCalais289 South st207-454-0671
Walgreens #17455WashingtonCalais223 North Street
Wal-Mart #2178WashingtonCalais379 South Street501-273-8715
4 Corners Shop 'n Save SupermarketWashingtonColumbia372 US Hwy 1207-546-7200
Elmer's DiscountWashingtonColumbiaUS Hwy 1, Box 366207-483-6080
Pet, Plants & Moores General StoreWashingtonColumbia283 Sacarap Road207-598-7669
Danforth Hardware LLCWashingtonDanforth115 Houlton Rd207-448-7215
Dalton & Reilly IncWashingtonEastport101/95 Water St813-618-8590
Family Dollar Stores #29415WashingtonEastport63 County Road
The Way It Grows LLC (TWIG Maine)WashingtonEastport106 County Rd207-904-7604
Tide Mill Organic Farm LLCWashingtonEdmunds91 Tide Mill Road207-733-2551
Bristol's Redbird FarmWashingtonHarrington1591 Main St.207-337-4881
David PerraultWashingtonHarrington26 Grace Lane508-317-0020
Jonesport Beals High School (CTE)WashingtonJonesport180 Snare Creek Lane207-497-5454
Family Dollar Stores #27098WashingtonMachias76 Dublin St207-255-3479
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8128WashingtonMachiasRR 1, Box 29A207-255-3201
Pineo's True ValueWashingtonMachias292 Main St207-255-8387
Walgreens #17481WashingtonMachias144 Dublin Street
Cedar Lane GreenhousesWashingtonMeddybemps4 Cedar Lane207-454-3983
Bayside SupermarketWashingtonMilbridge35 Main St207-546-7200
Family Dollar Stores #28420WashingtonMilbridge56 Main St
Kelco IndustriesWashingtonMilbridgePO Box 160207-546-7989
Roger J Rivard (Bittersweet Farm)WashingtonNorthfield93 Smith Landing Rd207-255-4542
Country Air NurseryWashingtonPembroke435 Leighton Point Road207-717-8098
Smithereen Farm LLCWashingtonPembroke12 Little Falls Road207-726-2141
Kendall FarmWashingtonPerry20 Kendall Lane207-214-1124
Princeton A G Food MartWashingtonPrincetonMain Street207-796-2244
Amy JeanroyWashingtonRobbinston84 Steam Mill Road207-370-0526
Beauty of the EarthWashingtonRobbinston100 Ridge Rd207-454-2812
Lamb Cove FarmWashingtonRobbinston187 US Rte 1
Christina M GanzWashingtonSteuben85 Dyers Bay Road207-546-4231
Daisy XuWashingtonSteuben108 Nameless Rd207-420-5620
Phoenix Rising Farm LLCWashingtonWaite393 Houlton Road207-214-9094
Renee FleurantWashingtonWesley4254 Airline Rd508-858-9510
Federal Hill FarmYorkAlfred58 Federal St207-502-3551
Gile's Family FarmYorkAlfredRt 202, 139 Waterboro Rd207-324-2944
Memory GardensYorkAlfred142 Waterboro Rd207-324-7321
Native HauntsYorkAlfred297 Mountain Rd207-604-8655
Old Sheep Meadows NurseryYorkAlfred90 Federal St207-324-5211
Green Mountain Transplants, Inc.YorkArundel670 Alfred Road207-282-6444
Sweet Thyme FarmYorkArundel56 Wood Acres Dr207-413-6606
Snell Family Farm, IncYorkBar Mills1000 River Road / Rt 112207-929-6166
Creations By MamoYorkBerwick137 School St603-817-7391
Cynthia E. PoulinYorkBerwick318 Blackberry Hill Rd207-384-5494
Eastern BoscageYorkBerwick112 Old Pine Hill Rd207-332-7423
Humble Bee FlowersYorkBerwick4 Coffin Lane207-536-9184
Kevin & Ellen ZustYorkBerwick539 School St207-200-0001
Orange Circle Farm LLCYorkBerwick184 Blackberry Hill Rd207-752-7855
Salmon Falls Garden CenterYorkBerwick16 Nursery Lane207-384-0120
Salmon Falls Nursery, Inc.YorkBerwick511 Portland St207-384-5540
Curro's GreenhouseYorkBiddeford200 Pool St207-282-6830
Demoulas Super Markets, Inc. DBA Market BasketYorkBiddeford220 Mariner Way207-282-9005
Family Dollar Stores #23048YorkBiddeford321 Elm Street207-282-3611
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8225YorkBiddeford299 Elm Street207-284-8677
Home Depot, The #2405YorkBiddeford550 Alfred St207-284-1115
Marden's Inc.YorkBiddeford435 Elm St207-571-3023
Moon Lady PlantsYorkBiddeford114 Main St.207-468-2696
Ocean State Job Lot #477YorkBiddeford510 Alfred St.401-295-2672
Renee MarchandYorkBiddeford96 South St. Apt #104
Target Store T-2166YorkBiddeford585 Alfred Rd Rte 111207-284-2510
Walgreens #18409YorkBiddeford335 Alfred Street
Wal-Mart #2153YorkBiddeford50 Boulder Way207-286-9551
Aubuchon Hardware #164YorkBuxton400 Narragansett Trail207-929-4256
Carl OlsonYorkBuxton41 Nicholas Lane207-929-8231
Frugal Farmers, Inc.YorkBuxton293 Rankin Road207-929-4068
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8226YorkBuxton21 Hannaford Drive207-929-3100
Jordan OlmstedYorkBuxton32 Old Thompson Rd207-232-3980
Little River Flower FarmYorkBuxton160 Turkey Lane207-929-3967
Longhorn Enterprises, Inc.YorkBuxton1371 Long Plains Rd207-929-6600
Lydia ScholtenYorkBuxton454 River Rd978-844-3462
Meservey FarmYorkBuxton142 Carll Road207-929-3248
Nouria - Buxton - 222 Narragansett TrYorkBuxton222 Narragansett Trail
Nouria - Buxton - 766 Narragansett TrYorkBuxton766 Narragansett Trail
P.W. Plummer & Sons, Inc.YorkBuxton235 Parker Farm Rd207-727-3126
Plummer's Buxton HardwareYorkBuxton241 Parker Farm Rd207-727-3113
Robins Nest LLCYorkBuxton377 Parker Farm Rd207-727-3910
Saltbox Lavender FarmYorkBuxton15 Dow Ln207-318-0525
Walgreens #17450YorkBuxton226 Parker Farm Rd207-727-3239
ForacultureYorkCape Neddick136 Ogunquit Rd802-522-3940
Groundnut Hill Nurseries, Inc.YorkCape Neddick180 Logging Road207-361-1300
Omniflora Farm LLCYorkCape Neddick162 Ogunquit Rd207-703-2982
Stoney Brook FarmYorkCape Neddick1680 US Route 1207-351-8007
Amolette Herbal Apothecary LLCYorkCornish20 Main St207-625-9230
Angel's AcresYorkCornish68 Maple St207-712-4802
Call's Shop N SaveYorkCornish200 Maple St.207-625-8391
Family Dollar Stores #28286YorkCornish91 Maple Street
Lily'sYorkCornishRt 25, 18 Main St207-625-2366
Metcalf's Trading PostYorkCornish218 Maple Street207-625-4994
Walgreens #19251YorkCornish151 Maple St
Andy's Farm and GardenYorkDayton13 Cole Farm Road207-282-2998
Isabella RomeroYorkDayton130 Company Rd425-829-2777
Pierson Nurseries, IncYorkDayton291 Waterhouse Rd207-499-2994
Southern Maine StockyardYorkEast Waterboro328 Ossipee Hill Rd
Woodsome's Feeds & NeedsYorkEast WaterboroRt 202207-247-5777
Agway - EliotYorkEliot265 Dow Highway207-439-4015
Sturgeon Creek FarmYorkEliot1651 State Road603-767-8545
Sunburst NurseriesYorkEliot136 Hanscom Road207-439-2549
York Woods Tree ProductsYorkEliot300 Harold L. Dow Hwy207-703-0150
Avalon AcresYorkHollis167 Mansion Rd207-650-3051
Nouria 1091 - HollisYorkHollis6 Plains Road207-727-6715
Uncle's Farm StandYorkHollis897 Hollis Rd207-247-3618
Downeast Flowers/Gifts, Inc.YorkKennebunk1 High St, Suite 1207-985-4714
Estabrook's Farm & Greenhouses, Inc.YorkKennebunk97 York St207-985-3772
Fleurant Flowers & DesignYorkKennebunk174 Port Rd207-967-4242
Garth's GreeneryYorkKennebunk506 Alfred Road207-985-3152
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8403YorkKennebunk65 Portland Rd207-985-9135
Snug Harbor Farm, IncYorkKennebunkRT 9 87 Western Ave207-967-2414
Walgreens #18431YorkKennebunk37 Portland Road
Wallingford Farm & GardenYorkKennebunk21 York Street207-985-2112
Blackrock FarmYorkKennebunkport293 Goose Rocks Road207-967-5783
Five Acre FarmYorkKennebunkport43 Bryant Lane207-286-9848
Wild Aster FarmYorkKennebunkport188 Guinea Rd207-899-8125
Wildside Landscape & DesignYorkKennebunkport9 Buzzys Way207-697-2091
Hillside Flowers & Gifts LLCYorkKittery151 State Rd207-439-9230
Kittery School Department: Traip AcademyYorkKittery12 Williams Ave207-439-1121
Laura Cromwell at H.S. MecantileYorkKittery9 Government St.917-501-7754
The Flower Fool, LLCYorkKittery7 Mead St.207-219-3868
The Golden HarvestYorkKittery47 State Road207-439-2113
Tightline Industries LLCYorkKittery6 Shapleigh Rd207-439-4150
Walgreens #19330YorkKittery15 Shapeleigh Road207-438-9074
Wit's End Growers DBA The Pick of the PlanetYorkKittery3 Martin Rd207-439-7544
Against The GrainYorkLebanon15 Union School Rd207-206-6869
Anthony PesoYorkLebanon394 Bog Rd
Blossom Hill FarmYorkLebanon81 Smith Rd603-828-3667
Farmfield GreenhousesYorkLebanon367 Carl Broggi Highway207-457-1233
Lee's Floral GardenYorkLebanon15 Union School Rd207-457-6015
Prospect Hill Heritage DayliliesYorkLebanon135 Prospect Hill Rd207-658-9754
Butterfly Meadow Flower FarmYorkLimerick122 Range E Rd207-623-6723
Greenwood HerbalsYorkLimerick561 Parsonsfield Rd207-793-3553
Plummer's Limerick HardwareYorkLimerick42 Central Ave Rt 11207-793-2040
Esperanza FarmYorkLimington120 Tucker Rd207-632-4165
Whaleback NurseryYorkLimington141 Whaleback Rd978-505-3999
Ed's Grove Discount IncYorkLymanRt 5 Crnr 5 & 202207-247-6686
Mike's Family FarmYorkLyman1643 Alfred Road207-985-6722
Omas Garden DBA Grown HeeyahYorkLyman67 Country Way207-423-3718
Pond View FarmYorkLyman19 Caughin Hill Rd603-212-6277
Tibbetts FarmYorkLyman920 Clarks Woods Rd207-247-6518
By The Pond GardenYorkNewfield414 Water St207-793-4944
Boulay Farm and MarketYorkNorth Berwick381 High St.207-206-2944
Hannaford Supermarket #8437YorkNorth Berwick23 Somersworth Rd207-676-2658
Lally Luck FarmYorkNorth Berwick1229 Beech Ridge Rd207-956-0038
Ms. Fit's Farm, LLCYorkNorth Berwick546 Lebanon Road207-957-4097
Paige Paquin Corning d.b.a. ATLAS StoneworksYorkNorth Berwick236 Somersworth Road207-450-8237
Patricia AthertonYorkNorth Berwick165 Diamond Hill Rd207-698-1881
Tuttle Family EnterprisesYorkNorth Berwick110 Dennett Road207-676-2648
Carll Family FarmYorkNorth Waterboro680 Sokokis Trail207-247-5878
Edward BittleYorkNorth Waterboro260 Old Portland Rd207-415-0654
Red Sky FarmYorkNorth Waterboro133 Thyngs Mill Rd207-793-2150
The Magic Sprout LLCYorkNorth Waterboro354 Webber Rd978-551-0203
A Good StartYorkOld Orchard Beach136 Portland Ave614-919-3659
Beach Lobster Pound & Farm StandYorkOld Orchard Beach35 Saco Avenue207-934-3357
Family Dollar Stores #30201YorkOld Orchard Beach8 Heath Street
Walgreens #18119YorkOld Orchard Beach15 Saco Ave
Fenderson Farm EnterprisesYorkSaco97 New County Rd207-468-9315
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8138YorkSaco532 Main Street207-282-4152
Kathy ScheibYorkSaco14 Hill St.281-620-4543
Log Cabin PerennialsYorkSaco103 Lincoln Rd207-282-1174
Moody's Nursery/Garden Center, Inc.YorkSaco82 Ferry Road207-284-7233
Moonstone Plants LLCYorkSaco11 Cumberland Ave207-317-7288
Nouria - SacoYorkSaco28 Elm St
Reny, Inc., R. H.YorkSaco4 Scammon Street207-282-1233
Shaw's - Saco #487/2626YorkSaco4 Scammon St., Suite 10207-284-9666
The Ecology SchoolYorkSaco184 Simpson Rd207-283-9951
Walgreens #18004YorkSaco461 Main Street
Bella's GreensYorkSanford10 Errol St207-502-5682
Downeast Flowers/Gifts, IncYorkSanford904 Main Street207-324-2772
Eldredge Lumber & Hardware, IncYorkSanford1787 Main St. (Rt 109)
Family Dollar Stores #22984YorkSanford890 Main Street207-490-1903
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8390YorkSanford800 Main Street207-324-1554
Lowe's Home Centers LLC #2388YorkSanford1900 Main Street207-459-3166
Marden's Inc.YorkSanford1247 Main Street207-324-1239
Nouria - Sanford - 1829 Main StYorkSanford1829 Main St
Nouria - Sanford - 845 Main StYorkSanford845 Main St
Nouria - Sanford - Alfred RdYorkSanford432 Alfred Rd
Nouria 1100 - SanfordYorkSanford1439 Main Street207-490-3726
Ocean State Job Lot of ME #473YorkSanford1327 Main Street207-636-7766
Plants Plus EnterprisesYorkSanfordSanford Regional Technical Center, 100 Alumni Blvd207-324-2942
Robert C. LansingYorkSanford12 Park Street207-850-0425
Shaw's - Sanford #494/4560YorkSanfordCenter For Shopping 1364 Main St207-490-5309
Shaws Hardware LLCYorkSanford901 Main Street207-324-2714
Tractor Supply Company #1464YorkSanford1770 Main Street207-490-0034
Walgreens #12400YorkSanford868 Main St207-490-4008
Wal-Mart #1954YorkSanford1930 Main Street207-490-1988
Laura CromwellYorkSouth Berwick16 Young St.917-501-7754
Maine Herb FarmYorkSouth Berwick63 Rodier Road207-384-0977
Annette's GardensYorkSpringvale300 Blanchard Rd207-432-1365
Jordan PikeYorkSpringvale78 Sunset Road207-252-1103
McDougal OrchardsYorkSpringvale201 Hanson's Ridge Road207-324-5054
Walgreens #19606YorkSpringvale464 Main Street207-873-1151
Cornerstone Country MarketYorkWaterboro1045 Main St.207-247-7668
Family Dollar #32063YorkWaterboro1009 Main St757-321-5000
Hannaford Food & Drug #8221YorkWaterboro20 Sokokis Trail207-247-8000
Nouria - WaterboroYorkWaterboro411 Sokokis Trail
Plummer's Waterboro HardwareYorkWaterboro1001A Main St.207-247-4397
Ray RoyYorkWaterboro49 Pearl St.207-467-1635
Anthony Catalfano HomeYorkWells2190 Post Rd207-646-1110
Aubuchon Hardware #090YorkWells1165 Post Road, Box 2207-646-6900
Chase FarmsYorkWells1488 No. Berwick Rd (Rt 9)207-646-7888
Emm's StemsYorkWells135 Stephen Eaton Ln207-251-6042
FloraYorkWells134 Emerson Dr
Gray FarmsYorkWells1322 N. Berwick Road207-646-6216
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8389YorkWellsUS Rt 1, 107 Wells Plaza207-646-4111
Jo-Ann's Gardens Potting ShedYorkWells579 Post Rd207-251-5606
Jo-Ann's Gardens, Inc.YorkWells708 No. Berwick Rd207-646-7020
Reny, Inc., R. H.YorkWells107 Wells Plaza207-646-1566
Walgreens #19381YorkWells1036 Post Road
Whimsy GardensYorkWells194 Swamp John Rd207-752-7508
L & M's GreenhouseYorkWest Kennebunk68 Old Falls Rd207-985-9244
Chill Hill FlowersYorkWest Newfield102 Mountain Rd207-651-8722
Mary DoyleYorkWest Newfield515 Garland Rd207-793-2759
Coastal Landscaping & Garden Center, Inc.YorkYork941 US Rt 1207-363-6202
Eldredge Lumber & Hdw IncYorkYork627 State Rd (Rte 1)207-363-2004
Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8384YorkYork5 Hannaford Drive207-363-5357
Martha's Garden, LLCYorkYork16 Huckins Ave207-363-7344
Walgreens #19796YorkYork400 US Route 1
York Corner GardensYorkYork381 US Rt 1207-651-4149
York Flower ShopYorkYork241 York Street207-363-5367

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