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Rocky Lake


Photo: Rocky Lake Ecoreserve

Vital Statistics

  • Size: 1,516 acres
  • Regulated: 767 acres
  • Non-Regulated: 749 acres
  • Upland: 746 acres
  • Forested Wetland (NWI): 210 acres
  • Non-Forested Wetland: 458 acres
  • Open Water: 105 acres
  • Roads: trails-1 mile
  • Biophysical Region: Eastern Interior
  • BPL Region: East
Map showing location of Rocky Lake Ecoreserve

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Exemplary Natural Communities

Scientific Name Common Name State Rank Global Rank
Red Oak - Northern Hardwoods - White Pine Forest Oak - Northern Hardwoods Forest S4 GNR
Streamshore Ecosystem Streamshore Ecosystem S4 GNR
Photo: Ecologist working at Rocky Lake Ecoreserve

Rare Plants

There are no documented occurrences of rare plants within this Ecoreserve.

Rare Animals

There are no documented occurrences of rare animals within this Ecoreserve. For more information on rare animals in Maine, visit the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.


Straddling the East Machias River, the Rocky Lake ecological reserve supports a diverse 500+ acre streamshore ecosystem. Much of this streamshore is emergent wetland, including two peatland areas identified as acidic fens. The streamshore also includes a small but interesting floodplain forest on a river levee. Floodplain forests with silver maple are uncommon in this region of the state, and one silver maple was measured at 64 inches in diameter.

Photo: Ecologist working at Rocky Lake Ecoreserve

Upland forests within the reserve are unremarkable and characteristic of Downeast Maine. Much of the upland acreage is a post-burn association of red oak, red maple, bigtooth aspen, and red and white pine. According to BPL stand type maps, only 10% of the acreage is within the sawtimber class. Conifer dominated stands indicate a heavy past influence of spruce budworm.


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Photo: Ecologist working at Rocky Lake Ecoreserve