Photo of Solidago speciosa

Solidago speciosa Nutt.

Showy Goldenrod

Habitat: Swampy woods [Forested wetland]

Range: Southern Maine and New Hampshire, Massachuestts to Minnesota and Wyoming, south to Georgia, Arkansas, and Texas.

Aids to Identification: A stoutish goldenrod with a glabrous stem, though the stem may be pubescent in the inflorescence. Leaf blades glabrous or essentially so, though can be scabrous. Plants with conspicuous tufts of basal leaves, leaves gradually increasing in size toward the base of the stem, leaves entire or slightly toothed, inflorescense not secund, cypselas thinly pubescent (they are glabrous in other varieties of this species).

Photo of Solidago speciosa

Ecological characteristics: In Maine, this species has only been found in forested wetlands, however through most of the rest of its range, it is known from upland habitats.

Phenology: August to October.

Family: Asteraceae

Synonyms: Represented in Maine and New England by var. speciosa. Synonyms include Solidago conferta P. Mill.

Known Distribution in Maine: This plant is known from two towns in York County.

Reason(s) for rarity: At northeastern edge of range.

Conservation considerations: None noted.

Photo of Solidago speciosa basal rosette