Scrophularia marilandica L.

Carpenter's Square

Habitat: Rich, open woods and thickets [Hardwood to mixed forest (forest, upland].

Range: Maine; south to Georgia; west to Oklahoma; north to Minnesota.

Aids to Identification: S. marilandica is an erect, perennial herb with opposite leaves. Corollas are 5-8 mm long with a dark brown or purple-brown sterile filament which is usually wider than long. S. lanceolata is similar in appearance but has a winged margin on the petiole. The petiole of S. marilandica is not winged.

Ecological characteristics: None noted

Phenology: Flowers June to October.

Family: Saxifragaceae

Synonyms: None noted.

Known Distribution in Maine: This rare plant has been documented from a total of 1 town(s) in the following county(ies): York.

Dates of documented observations are: 1898