Galium brevipes Fern. & Wieg.

Limestone Swamp Bedstraw

Habitat: Calcareous swamps and wet shores.

Range: Quebec and New Brunswick south to Massachusetts and New York, west to Dakota and Saskatchewan.

Aids to Identification: Galium brevipes is a low growing, sprawling herb. The leaves are whorled with 4 at each node. The fruits are smooth, lacking bristles. The stem of the plant is scabrous. Galium brevipes can be distinguished from G. trifidum and G. tinctorium by that it has only 1 flower per peduncle and the peduncles are very short (only reaching 4 mm long). The others may have 2 or 3 flowers on each peduncle and the peduncles are longer (up to 30 mm long).

Ecological characteristics: This plant has been documented from a few wetlands in northern Maine.

Phenology: Flowering and fruiting July through September.

Family: Rubiaceae

Synonyms: Galium trifidum L. var. brevipes (Fern. & Wieg.) A. & D. Löve.

Known Distribution in Maine: This rare plant has historically been documented from a total of 2 towns in the following county: Aroostook

Reason(s) for rarity: Calcareous wetlands are naturally scarce in Maine.

Conservation considerations: Unknown, has not been seen recently.