Domed Bog Ecosystem

  State Rank: S3

A typed of raised bog, these are large inland peatlands, usually more than 500 meters in diameter, with convex surfaces that rise several meters above the surrounding terrain and that display concentric patterning. At least in the center, peat accumulation is sufficient to maintain a perched water table. Consequently, most water available for plant growth comes from precipitation and is nutrient poor.

Most domed bogs show a vegetation zonation reflecting the nutrient gradient, where more nutrient-demanding (minerotrophic) vegetation occurs around the perimeter of the peatland (where water from surrounding uplands or draining from the center of the peatland flows) and low-nutrient vegetation occupies the raised portions of the bog. The peatland surface is characterized by hummocks and hollows. Patterned domed bogs have small, usually crescent-shaped pools near the highest point; unpatterned domed bogs lack pools.

Natural Communities Associated with Domed Bog Ecosystem