Pre-acquisition Review Requests

Working with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, MNAP is pleased to offer a pre-acquisition review service for conservation projects. Land trusts, municipalities, and State and Federal Agencies may request this FREE service. This review will best serve projects that are currently being considered for conservation, have landowner engagement, and are scoping or drafting funding proposals or land donation prospects. You will receive a checklist and map that identifies documented rare plant and animal species, rare and exemplary natural communities, significant wildlife habitats, climate resiliency modeling, marsh migration opportunities, and/or forest condition information. Sites with identified significant ecological values may be eligible for follow-up visits and inventory by MNAP staff.

Interested applicants may download this one-page pre-acquisition review submission form to request a pre-acquisition review (note that MNAP requires landowner permission to release this information). Please send the completed form along with maps and/or GIS files regarding the proposed acquisition area to