Stetson I Wind Project - DP 4788

T8 R3 NBPP and T8 R4 NBPP, Washington County

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Stetson I Windpower Project
Event or Document
Application Form Application Form (pdf)
Application Narrative (pdf)
Figures Stetson Wind Project and Line 56 Project Location Map
Project Site Map
Preliminary and Final Overlay Map
Gravel Pit Locations
Lightning Plan Pending FAA Approval
Exhibits Final Deployment Plan and Erosion Control Detail
Exhibit 2 - Geotechnical Reports
Exhibit 3a - Foundation Design and Narrative - Part 1
Exhibit 3b - Foundation Design and Narrative - Part 2
Exhibit 4 - Blasting Plan
Exhibit 5 - 34.5-k V Collector System
Exhibit 6 - Operations and Maintenance Design, including HHE-200
Exhibit 7 - Substation Design
Exhibit 8 - Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan
Exhibit 9 - Phosphorous Calculations and Notice of Intent to Comply
Exhibit 10 - Third-Party Inspection Program
Exhibit 11 - Wetland and Stream Impacts
Exhibit 12 - Maine Historic Preservation Commission letters
Exhibit 13 - Supplemental Historical and Archeological Report
Exhibit 14 - Nighttime Construction Noise Analysis
Exhibit 15 - Pre and Post Construction Sound Monitoring
Exhibit 16 - Decommissioning Format
Final Action Final Decision (pdf)