Measuring the Effectiveness of the Location of Development Rules

Last Updated: January 12, 2023

Great Blue Heron in flight image - Bill Hinkel

Monhegan Village - Bill Hinkel

The Land Use Planning Commission is committed to monitoring the effects of the adjacency and subdivision rule changes that took effect in 2019 (Learn about what changed and why change was needed).

Toward that end, the Commission has developed a workplan to collect information that will be helpful during periodic review of the new location of development rules.

Adjacency & Subdivision Implementation Tasks – Reporting System Work Plan

Annual Summary of Zoning and Permitting Trends Related to the 2019 Adjacency & Subdivision Rulemaking – January 8, 2021

Annual Adjacency & Subdivision Rulemaking Report – January 7, 2022

New Annual Adjacency & Subdivision Rulemaking Report – January 4, 2023

Watch a short video to see the process we used to develop the Work Plan.