Additional Chapters

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LUPC Additional Chapters
Amended Date
Chapter 1 General Provisions
July 23, 2007
Chapter 3 Delegation of Authority to Staff
October 17, 2000
Chapter 4 Rules of Practice
October 18, 2013
Chapter 5 Rules for the Conduct of Public Hearings
July 1, 2011
Chapter 11 Administrative Regulations for Hydropower Projects
November 2, 2017
Chapter 12 Land Use District Requirements - Metallic Mineral Exploration and Level C Mineral Exploration
May 27, 2013
Chapter 13 Metallic Mineral Exploration, And Mining Certifications
September 20, 2018
Chapter 15 Guidelines for Private Roads or Ways in LURC Management Districts
October 17, 2000
Chapter 16 Rules Relating to Large Lot Land Divisions
October 17, 2000
Chapter 17 Reestablishment of Commission Jurisdiction
October 17, 2000

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