• Maine Floodplain Management Handbook
  • State of Maine Risk MAP Business Plan, December 2011
    Maine’s large geographic area and relatively small population presents a substantial challenge for floodplain mapping. At the inception of the program floodplain mapping was accomplished through interviews with knowledgeable people in communities and based on local memories and evidence of flooding. Using large scale maps the floodplain delineations were meant to indicate general areas where flooding was suspected to happen. FEMA began this process in 2004 with the Map Modernization effort and is now embarking on the Risk MAP program.
  • 5-Year Floodplain Management Work Plan (PDF)
    This plan is a requirement for the state of Maine under FEMA’s community assistance program grant. It is intended to show the relationship of Maine’s community assistance activities and resource allocation to achieving the flood loss prevention goals of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and to identify gaps that may prevent effective flood management in Maine (May 2010)

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