Flood Information for Maine Homeowners & Businesses

Please visit FEMA’s FloodSmart web site to find out about flood insurance policies and coverage, finding an agent in your area, how to purchase flood insurance, how to file a claim, and more.

Other helpful information about flood insurance can be found at:

Chance of Being Flooded
Time 10-yr flood 25-yr flood 50-yr flood 100-yr flood
1 year 10% 4% 2% 1%
10 years 65% 34% 18% 10%
20 years 88% 56% 33% 18%
30 years 96% 71% 45% 26%

Note: There is a 26% chance that a 100 year flood and a 5% chance that a 500 year flood will occur within a 30 year periodWhat is the term of your mortgage?

Frequently Asked QuestionsTop Ten Facts for Consumers

FEMA has released the National Flood Plain Insurance Program's brochure "Top Ten Facts for Consumers". This brochure is a great place to start if you have basic questions about flood insurance. 

Is Your Community Participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)?

Check it out here FEMA Maine Community Status Book.

Other Resources

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