Floodplain Management Program

Floodplain Handbook

Cover (PDF, 218KB)

Tech Resources (PDF, 42KB)

Prologue & Acronyms (PDF, 1.5MB)

Contents (PDF, 17KB)

Introduction (PDF, 259KB)

Chapter One: Model Floodplain Ordinance (PDF, 206KB)
Overview of participation in the NFIP, Ordinance Adoption - Model Floodplain Management Ordinance (PDF, 136KB)

Chapter Two: Floodplain Data (PDF, 1.6MB)
The Base Flood, Special Flood Hazard Area, Making map Determinations, base Flood Elevations, Riverine SFHAs and Floodways, Coastal High Hazard Areas, Base Flood Studies, Revising Regulatory Floodplain Data

Chapter Three: Activities Regulated (PDF, 309KB)
Development, Statutory Authority to Regulate, Other Activities, Other Regulations

Chapter Four: Preventing Increased Damages (PDF, 401KB)
The Problem,The Floodway Concept, Hazardous Materials

Chapter Five: Protecting Structures (PDF, 550KB)
Structures, The Flood Protection Elevation, How Floods Damage Buildings, Protecting Against Flood Damage, Substantial Improvements/Substantial Damages

Chapter Six: Administrative Procedures (PDF, 3.3MB)
The Development Permit System, Record Keeping Requirements, Checking Elevations in the Field, Variances, Enforcement

Chapter Seven: Related Important Information (PDF, 29KB)
Community Rating System, Emergency Management Institute (PDF, 103KB)

Appendix A: Annotated Flood Hazard Development Application & Permits (Coastal E Model) (PDF, 82KB)

Find the Flood Hazard Development Applications and Permits that are appropriate for use in your town.

Appendix B: Flood Hazard Development Application & Permits (Coastal E Model) (PDF, 110KB)

Appendix C: Checking Elevations in the Field (PDF, 133KB)

Appendix D: Elevation Certificate (PDF, 2.4MB)

Appendix E: Floodproofing Certificate (PDF, 243KB)

Appendix F: Other Certificates, V Zone Certificate & Hydraulic Openings Certificate (PDF, 27KB)

Appendix G: Related Publications & Videos (PDF, 28KB)

Appendix H: NFIP Entry Information (PDF, 174KB)

Appendix I: Order FEMA Flood Maps On Line (PDF, 393KB)

You may also order directly from FEMA's Map Service Center web site.

Appendix J: Assorted Floodplain Management Articles (PDF, 92KB)

The articles in this file include: Is it in the Floodplain, What if I Subdivide in the Floodplain?, They Just Don't Get It, Hugo's Lessons on Construction: NFIP Standards Work, Common Community Errors in Floodplain Management, and Flood Hazard Determination Issues.

Appendix K: Biennial Report (PDF, 247KB)

Appendix L: Executive Order 11988 (PDF, 59KB)

Appendix M: Benefits of Participation & Effects of Suspension from the NFIP (PDF, 1.2MB)

Appendix N: Protecting Your Property From Flooding, Anchoring Heating Oil/Propane Tanks - (FEMA 481 DVD Video) (PDF, 403KB)

Appendix O: Glossary (PDF, 51KB)

Back Cover (PDF, 488KB)