Agricultural Water Management Board

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About the Board

The board works in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Protection to oversee and coordinate environmentally sound and affordable development of water sources for agricultural use. The board can make recommendations for improvements to federal and state permitting processes for the development of farm ponds and other water sources for agricultural use; work to secure funding for the construction of environmentally sound, efficient and affordable water sources for agricultural use; and facilitate the implementation of sustainable agricultural water source programs.

Board Members

The Agricultural Water Management Board is an authorized by 7MRSA Chapter 13. The nine-member board is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Potato Producer: Matthew Porter (Aroostook County)
  • Wild Blueberry Producer: Darin Hammond (Washington County)
  • Small Fruit or Vegetable Grower: Richard Belanger (Androscoggin County)
  • Ornamental Crop Producer: Jake Pierson (York County)
  • Livestock Producer: Abby Sadauckas (Sagadahoc County)
  • Federal Wetlands Permitting Expert: David Moyse (Aroostook County)
  • Agricultural Engineering and Water Use Efficiency Expert: George McLaughlin (Aroostook County)
  • Member of the General Public: Rebecca Long (Oxford County)
  • Department of Environmental Protection Representative: Designee

Public Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

No meetings currently scheduled.

Previous Board Meetings

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