A Confidential employee who, after six months of continuous employment, becomes totally disabled, receives 2/3 of the employee's salary while disabled for a period not to exceed 365 calendar days.

The benefit payment commences on the day immediately following completion of the use of accumulated sick leave or 30 days of continuous total disability, whichever is greater.The benefit payment continues until one of the following occurs:

  • The day before the day the employee returns to any gainful occupation.
  • The balance of the 365 day period of continuous disability.
  • The first day that the employee is eligible for a disability retirement allowance provided in 5 MRSA, Ch. 423, Sub-ch. 5, Article 3 (as amended).

A physician’s statement is necessary before payment of temporary disability income can be authorized. Employees shall continue to receive the benefits that were provided immediately before the first date of disability.

State of Maine Benefit Package For Confidential Employees
The Law (1989 Private & Special Laws, Chapter 86, Part C, Section 5)