The matter of smoking in the workplace is the subject of 22 MRSA, §1580-A, known as the "Workplace Smoking Act of 1985." As a result of this legislation, each agency implemented a work rule that indicated the purpose and function of the rule, identified designated smoking areas, and discussed enforcement of the rule. The policies for the individual agencies were based upon a model provided by the Bureau of Employee Relations on September 18, 1987.

Following the initial implementation in 1987, some agencies have amended policies to reflect changed smoke-free areas and designated smoking areas in state office buildings. Smoking policies may vary from agency to agency, and may vary between different work locations within an agency. Agency human resource representatives should be consulted with respect to individual smoking policies in a specific work location. It is important to note that the law requires that agency policies be posted.


DAFS Smoking Policies (Intranet only)