Questions have emerged with respect to the appropriate method to calculate the rate of pay when an employee promotes, demotes, or transfers, but remains in layoff status from a higher classification. For example, an employee is laid off from a Grade 24 job and demotes in lieu of layoff to a Grade 20 job; the employee then promotes to a Grade 22 job. 

The question: Is the rate of pay calculated as a promotion from Grade 20 to Grade 22 or is the rate of pay calculated as another demotion from Grade 24 to Grade 22?

The answer: As long as the employee is in layoff status from the higher classification, the rate of pay is calculated both ways; whichever methodology results in the higher rate of pay is implemented.

This matter was specifically addressed in Human Resources Memorandum 14-96 (11/20/96) which addressed a number of layoff-related questions in a question-and-answer format.