The State’s current no solicitation policy includes all agencies in the capitol area as defined in the Department of Public Safety policies, Chapter 41, Section 2., J. It is important to note that in the capitol area, Capitol Security must give written permission for most solicitations. In the event an individual or agency has a question as to whether an individual or organization has permission to solicit, the vendor should be asked to provide written approval as provided in Capitol Security rules. Questions or concerns about solicitations that may be taking place should be directed to Capitol Security through the agency commissioner’s office.

The Maine State Employees Combined Charitable Appeal (MSECCA) is the only solicitation with on-going, or "blanket" approval.

Individual agencies are responsible to develop no-solicitation policies for their offices outside of the capitol area. In the event that an agency occupies leased space out side of the capitol area, the Commissioner of Administrative and Financial Services must also endorse the no-solicitation policy for that location.