It is recognized that the State benefits when its employees' interests, needs, and abilities are consistent with their job responsibilities. In recognition of this principle, State employees are generally granted administrative leave to take exams for State classification registers and to interview for State employment opportunities.

There are certain considerations, however, that will determine if administrative leave to take an exam or to participate in an interview is appropriate:

  • For employees who work outside of the Augusta area, the test location is an important consideration. If there is no reasonable rationale to travel to Augusta to take an examination, employees should schedule themselves for the testing site that is closest to the work location.
  • Administrative leave for examinations and interviews is appropriate, subject to operational needs.
  • Administrative leave is appropriate only for a reasonable amount of travel time, testing, or interview time that occurs during regularly scheduled work hours. Travel, testing, interviews that occur outside of regularly scheduled working hours are not considered time on administrative leave.
  • Administrative leave is paid time off during regularly scheduled work hours. It is not considered "time worked" for purposes of computing overtime.
  • In no case will the State pay mileage reimbursement, or any other travel expense, associated with taking a State exam or for an interview.
  • Agencies may, at their discretion, require documentation that an examination or interview is scheduled prior to approving administrative leave for that purpose. Documentation would generally consist of a scheduling letter or a phone call to BHR for the exam schedule or the agency where an interview is being held.

As temporary, non-status appointees, persons in acting capacity or project positions are not eligible for administrative leave to take examinations or to interview for State employment opportunities.