It is the policy of the Bureau of Human Resources to ensure that applicants with disabilities have a fair opportunity to compete for employment in the state service.

Exam accommodations are the modification of the customary testing procedure to ensure that persons with disabilities are able to fully demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities, while maintaining the validity of the examination process. Each request for accommodation is considered on a case-by-case basis. The requested accommodation must be related to the disability. Decisions regarding particular accommodations rest with the Bureau of Human Resources, with full input by the applicant. Examples of exam accommodations include, but are not limited to, extra time to complete the examination, a reader, an interpreter or translator, text enlargement, Braille text, etc.

Requests for special accommodation for examinations, whether written, oral board, or other method, are the responsibility of the applicant. Applicants who require exam accommodation(s) should check box 20, Test Accommodations May Be Necessary because of a disabling or handicapping condition on Page V of PER 5/95 (yellow-green), Application for Employment in the Classified Service. Requests for accommodation may be made after filing the application. In that event, the request must be made far enough in advance to allow for necessary arrangements. Otherwise, scheduling of the examination may be delayed.

Consideration of each request begins upon receipt of the application form or subsequent request. The applicant will be contacted by staff from the Bureau of Human Resources (generally by phone) to ascertain what accommodation is required. At that time the applicant and Bureau of Human Resources staff will attempt to make all necessary arrangements for testing. Certain requests may require intervention by the equal employment opportunity professionals to determine how a request for accommodation may be implemented. Applicants should not expect to receive accommodations without prior arrangements.

For Direct Hire classifications the examination process has been delegated to the hiring agency. Applicants who wish to avail themselves of an exam accommodation should check box 20, Test Accommodations May Be Necessary, on the back page of PER 3-8/82 (blue-gray), STATE OF MAINE DEPARTMENT OF PERSONNEL APPLICATION FOR DIRECT HIRE EMPLOYMENT CLASSES.

The exam accommodation process will proceed in a manner that is similar to that outlined above, except applicants will be making accommodation arrangements with agency equal employment opportunity or human resource representatives.