Permits and Licenses

Jam and Jelly made by a home licensed kitchen.

Licensing your food business ensures the public that your food products are made in a facility that meets important sanitation requirements. Consumers will be assured that the products have been produced in a clean, sanitary, and inspected facility with running, potable water and appropriate surfaces, utensils, and equipment.

The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry supports Maine’s local food economy and the entrepreneurs who wish to build their food businesses. With over 7,500 licensed food businesses in Maine, we know that licensing provides benefits to these businesses and their customers. Our inspection staff will work with you to provide helpful information, food safety education, and support. We want your business to succeed.

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I had my very first home kitchen inspection today. Chad Young was my inspector . . . from the moment he entered my house he was respectful, educational, a wealth of knowledge, and very encouraging. Often when dealing with state offices, we get trepidations, and that combined with a home inspection can lead anyone to be nervous. Chad was friendly and encouraging. He was really pleasant, and this led to an excellent experience for me as I take this venture into the small business realm after leaving the corporate realm.

I really appreciate the time Chad took on the phone prior to our meeting, as well as the time at my home to ensure I have everything I need to remain compliant while also being successful in the future.

Jennifer Yurglich
Royal Icing of Maine, LLC

Applications & Forms

Food & Fuel

  • Food and Fuel License Application (DOC 236KB)
    • Home Food License 101 (PDF) - A home food license is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal. It allows you to produce and sell shelf-stable food products from your home and at wholesale throughout the state of Maine and the United States. It creates consumer confidence that the products you make in your home kitchen are safe to eat. 
    • Mobile Vendor License 101 (PDF) - A mobile vendor license allows you to sell prepared, packaged foods in numerous settings, such as farmers’ markets and fairs. This helps expand your food business’ universe of sales and customer access. This type of license is important because storing, transporting, and holding prepared foods may require appropriate temperature control for proper food safety. 


Feed, Seed & Fertilizer

Weights & Measures

Fruits & Vegetables