Proposed Wind Farm in Kibby and Skinner Twps., Franklin County

Last Updated: May 2, 2008

The Maine Land Use Regulation Commission received a rezoning petition from TransCanada Maine Wind Development, Inc, to rezone approximately 2908 acres to a Planned Development subdistrict for a 44 turbine wind farm. The Commission anticipates that the proposal will generate a significant amount of interest. For this reason, this web page was created to share information about the project as well as the Commission's review process.

The Commission's Review Criteria

The purpose of a Planned Development subdistrict is to allow for a large scale, well-planned development that is dependent on a particular natural feature or location that is available at the proposed site. The following links provide further information regarding, among other things, the purpose of a Planned Development subdistrict and the relevant review standards and procedures for evaluating this proposal.

Document Title and Description Links
Comprehensive Land Use Plan - In particular, reference Chapter 3 - Energy Resources, Chapter 3 - Geologic and Mountain Resources, and Chapter 5 - Goals and Policies.

Comprehensive Land Use Plan (HTML).

Title 12 Land Use Law - The Commission's enabling statute, including review criteria for amendments to or adoption of district boundaries, and criteria for approval of a development permit. 12 M.R.S.
Refer to Section 685-A(8-A).
Refer to Section 685-B(4).
Commission's Land Use Districts and Standards - Description of the Commission's Planned Development subdistrict, its purpose, and the rules and procedures specific to rezoning to this subdistrict and for requesting approval of a Development Plan. Also includes land use standards applicable for requests for development. Ch 10: Land Use Districts and Standards (HTML)
Refer to Section 10.21,G.
Refer to Sub-Chapter III.
Commission's Rules of Practice and Rules for the Conduct of Public Hearings - Detailed description of the Commission's rules of practice (Chapter 4), including rules for rezoning petitions and permit applications, when to hold a public hearing, and procedures and time limits for issuing a permit decision; and the Commission's rules for the conduct of public hearing (Chapter 5), including petitioning for intervention, participation by interested persons, and rules for testimony and questions. Ch 4: Rules of Practice (pdf)
Ch 5: Rules for the Conduct of Public Hearings (pdf)

Public Participation

The Commission is providing an opportunity for public scrutiny of this proposal during the course of its review. A formal public review and comment period has been established as part of the Commission's review process (see the permit review period under "Project Updates and Upcoming Events", below). The Commission will host one or more hearings to gather oral and written testimony from the public about the proposal.

If you wish to receive postal or e-mail notices about upcoming events, hearings and important deadlines related to the Commission's review of this proposal, contact Marcia Spencer-Famous (207-287-4933). Please provide your name, postal and e-mail address, and daytime phone number and we will add you to a list of interested parties for this project.

Paper copies of the rezoning petition are available for viewing by the public by appointment at the following locations:

Project Updates and Upcoming Events

Date Description Additional Information
07/9/2008 Final Approved Development Plan Permit DP 4794 Final Decision
06/27/2008 Final Staff Recommendation Final Staff Recommendations
04/11/2008 Draft Development Plan Transcanada/Kibby Development Plan (pdf 11MB)
03/5/2008 Preliminary Development Plan and Zoning Petition ZP 709 ZP 709 (Final) (pdf 39KB)
1/14/2008 Commission Meeting - The Commission will hold a deliberative session to consider the rezonings and preliminary development plans proposed. Agenda (html 19.6 kb)
Commission Memo (32.6 kb)
Powerpoint ( pdf 5.15 kb)
Directions to St. Paul Center(77.6 kb)
Live Audio Commission Meeting
January 14, 2008
* * *
Follow this link to listen in to the Commission's meeting
11/14/2007 Public hearing transcript
Public hearing notice, hearing held on Oct 3-4, 2007
Public Hearing Transcript

11/14/2007 Pre-filed testimony, received Aug 28, 2007 (available upon request)

Post-hearing comments, received Oct 22, 2007 (available upon request)

11/14/2007 Additional, Information recieved June 5, 2007 on post construction Avian and Bat Mortality Studies and Conservation Package

Letter from TransCanada, received August 29, 2007

Post Construction Avian and Bat Mortality Studies and Conservation Package (pdf 7.5 MB)

Letter (pdf 39 kb)

11/14/2007 Responses to agency review comments, received July 25, 2007 Response to Initial Reviewer Comments (pdf 69 kb)
Response to LURC Review Comments (pdf 65.5 kb)
Updated Information (pdf 1.5 kb)
Letter (pdf 39 kb)
05/30/2007 Staff Recommendation, Requests for Intervenor Status - Staff recomendation to grant intervenor status to parties in the proceddings for ZP 709. Staff Recomendation for Intervenor Status (Word 70 kb)
05/02/2007 Deadline for requesting Intervenor status - Requests for Intervenor status must be received no later than 5:00 pm on May 21, 2007, and should be directed to Marcia Spencer-Famous, 22 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333. Request for Intervenor Status (Word, 69 kb)
4/25/2007 Petition for rezoning - The draft petition for rezoning was reviewed by LURC staff and determined complete for processing. S Application
Note: The file may take considerable time to download