Champlain Wind/Bowers Mtn.


The Commission received a rulemaking petition from Champlain Wind on May 26, 2010 requesting an addition to the Expedited Area for Wind Energy Development in Kossuth Township. The petition is available as a web link in the table on this page. The Commission initiated rulemaking and there was a public hearing on September 22, 2010, with a formal opportunity for the public to comment in writing up to October 12, 2010. The Commission’s action on such a petition is not an action to approve or deny a wind energy development – the denial or granting of a petition deals with the criteria under which a future wind energy development application would be reviewed. Guidance on applying these criteria may be found in the Guidelines for the Review of Petitions for the Addition of Lands to the Expedited Permitting Area for Wind Energy Development document. The Commission approved this rulemaking petition on December 1, 2010 with a tentative effective date of December 16, 2010. Questions about this matter, or requests to be added to or removed from the notice list for this project, may be directed to Fred Todd, Project Planner,, (207) 287-8786.

Event or Document Location Date File(s)
Commission Decision Spectacular Event Center - Bangor, ME
December 1, 2010
December Commission Meeting Agenda
Commission Deliberations Spectacular Event Center - Bangor, ME
November 3, 2010
November Commission Meeting Agenda
Rebuttal Comment Deadline
October 12, 2010
Rebuttal Comments (4.6 MB PDF)
Public Comment Deadline
October 4, 2010
Public Comments through October 4, 2010 (21 MB PDF)
Testimony by Neil Kiely, First Wind (1.2 MB PDF)
Powerpoint slides by Neil Kiely, First Wind (3 MB PDF)
Energy Report Stetson I
Agency Review Comments
Agency Comments as of September 20, 2010
Public Hearing Lee Academy - Lee, ME
September 22, 2010 - 1:00 PM
Secretary of State September 1st Hearing Notice
Commission Initiates Rulemaking
July 7, 2010
July Commission Meeting Audio
Commission Considers Petition at Regular Business Meeting
July 7, 2010
Commission Meeting Agenda
Revised Petition Received
May 26, 2010
Revised Petition (9 MB PDF)
Transmittal Letter (PDF)
Petition Received
May 18, 2010