LUPC Site Law Certification (SLC-7) to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Revised October 2, 2015

Below is Number Nine Wind Farm, LLC’s Request for Certification (SLC-7) for the Number Nine Wind Farm reviewed by the LUPC for certification to the DEP, and links to all the pertinent information associated with the project review.

Project Name and Applicant Location Date Website link(s)
December 7, 2016
August 6, 2015
August 5, 2015
Site Law Certification SLC-7
Number Nine Wind Farm, LLC
T10 R3 WELS, E Township, T9 R3 WELS, TC R2 WELS, TD R2 WELS, T8 R3 WELS, T8 R4 WELS, Saint Croix Twp., Hammond, TA R2 WELS and Forkstown Twp. (Also located in organized towns Littleton, Houlton, Linneus and Haynesville.) July 21, 2015
July 16, 2015