Due to a current gap in statutory authority to license appraisal management companies,
a license is currently not required for AMCs to conduct business in Maine.

Please check this website for updates on licensing requirements as they become available,
as well as the status of licenses that have been issued. More information will be posted
as soon as possible.



The Appraiser Qualifications Board has posted a new Q&A regarding
supervisors and trainee appraisers.

Please pay particular attention to paragraph three of the Response.

Appraiser Qualifications Board Q&A Vol. 9, No. 1 June 2017


FINGERPRINTING Effective 1/1/2017

Fingerprints are required for any NEW license applications submitted such as applications for Registered Appraiser Trainees, or upgrade applications for Licensed Residential Real Property Appraisers, Certified Residential Real Property Appraisers or Certified General Real Property Appraisers.

Fingerprints are required for any NEW license applications submitted via reciprocity.

Fingerprints are NOT required for Temporary License applicants or license renewals.

Fingerprinting instructions for Maine applicants
Fingerprinting instructions for out-of-state applicants (or physically unable to go to a location)






Future correspondence from the Board of Real Estate Appraisers will be sent to you by email, so please be sure to keep your contact information current. Follow this link to verify your contact information.


How to apply for a license

What you can do with our online Licensing System:

Continuing Education


License Renewal Reminder - Have You Completed Your CE?
All Maine Licensed Residential, Certified Residential and Certified General Appraiser licenses will expire on December 31, 2017. Licenses may be renewed up to 60 days prior to expiration; a complementary renewal reminder will be sent by email on November 1st. As part of the renewal process licensees are required to certify whether or not they have completed 14 hours of approved continuing education during the 2017 licensing term at the time of renewal. This means that you must have completed the education requirements when you submit your renewal; not that you intend to complete it before the expiration date or any other time after submission of the renewal. Take a moment now to check that you have documentation to verify your continuing education before you renew. If you find you are lacking education hours, you still have time to complete the requirement with any AQB approved or Board approved program.
Please note: After the last continuing education audit, 1 licensee was found not in compliance. The Board imposed a sanction including $200.00 civil penalty and completion of the education that was lacking. As with all disciplinary actions, this matter was reported to the National Registry and is part of the licensee's permanent record with the Board.
Click here for additional appraiser continuing education requirement information.

Real Estate Appraisers Continuing Education Program Approval Application

Individual Request for Continuing Education Credit

**Please note the 7 hour USPAP Update course is required for even year renewals** 

Board Notices

Office of Professional and Financial Regulation - Policy on Veterans Preference - Adopted February 2017

Appraiser licenses are now delivered to licensees via email. The email sender is displayed as “noreply@maine.gov” and the subject as “YOUR OFFICIAL (license type) LICENSE IS ATTACHED”. Paper licenses will NOT be mailed to licensees with an email address on file.
You have the opportunity to update your contact information when you renew your license online or you may update your email address and other contact information anytime here.

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Appraiser Actions

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FHA Updated Valuation Protocol FAQs (Revised January 2013)

Appraisal Foundation Brochures:

Notice to Review Appraisers Maine is a mandatory state. If you are reviewing an appraisal of a property located in Maine and "opining" a value conclusion, you need a Maine license.

Rulemaking Changes

Proposed Rule Changes - Public comment period ends July 2, 2018

Statutory Notices

Please Note: There are typographical errors in the statute posted on our web site that we are unable to correct at this time. These errors are in the Professional qualifications for Certified General [32 MRSA §14035(2)] and Certified Residential [32 MRSA §14036(2)] Real Property Appraisers. Please refer to the links below for information on the 2015 changes to licensing criteria or call the Board at (207) 624-8522.

FAQ's - Changes to Real Property Appraiser Qualifications Effective
Janaury 1, 2015

Additional AQB Q&As regarding Real Property Appraiser Qualifications
Effective January 1, 2015

10 day notification of convictions, discipline, & material changes

AQB Information

The Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria
(current criteria and criteria effective 1/1/2015)

Summary of Changes to Real Property Appraiser Qualifications
Effective January 1, 2015

FAQ's - Changes to Real Property Appraiser Qualifications Effective
Janaury 1, 2015


ASB Information


USPAP Information

The 2018-2019 Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
is now available. Click here to order through the Appraisal Foundation.


Appraisal Practices Board

Appraisal Foundation Establishes Appraisal Practices Board





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