February 14, 2013
Barbara Redmond


New Program for Parents and Guardians of Teen Drivers Distributed to Driving Schools Statewide

The Parents Supervised Driving Program

AUGUSTA, Maine Maine Secretary of State Mathew Dunlap, joined by members of the Joint Standing Committee on Transportation, the president of the Safe Road Alliance, and other officials, announced today the availability of a new program to help parents and their teen drivers. The Parent's Supervised Driving Program is designed to optimize the 35-hours of supervised driving teens are required to complete under parental supervision prior to receiving their license.

As young people across Maine learn to drive our roadways with obvious excitement, I hope the availability of The Parent's Supervised Driving Program will ease some of the stress and concern often experienced by the parents and guardians of new drivers, said Dunlap.

The program is divided into skill sets, such as parking, backing up, city and highway driving, and asks parents and teens to initial each lesson as the material is covered and the lesson is completed. Within the program, a log is provided to record the required driving hours, the skills covered and the time and weather conditions. The program also offers parents guidance on how to approach each lesson as well as how to continue education once the 35-hours are completed.

Driving is a privilege and important responsibility, said BMV Director of Driver License Services Patty Morneault. This program will prepare parents and build their confidence as they expose their teens to driving under various roadway conditions.

Parents of teens obtaining their learners permit will be given a copy of The Parents Supervised Driving Program by their driving instructor at the conclusion of the required parental involvement component of driver education. The program is provided at no cost to families or to taxpayers thanks to the program sponsors, Vermont Mutual Insurance and Irving Oil.

"Keeping our roads and children safe is a constant concern across Maine. Proper education and effective training can go a long way to reducing accidents and tragedy that often follow, said Bill Catto, Vermont Mutual President and Chief Operating Officer. The Parents Supervised Driving Program provides comprehensive information for teens and their parents to ensure they are prepared for the responsibility that comes with driving. On behalf of our independent insurance agents throughout Maine, Vermont Mutual Insurance is proud to sponsor this initiative aimed at keeping children safe on our roadways."

We believe that by doing our best, ensuring a safer environment for all and putting people first is just the right thing to do. Its how weve done business since 1924, said Harry Hadiaris, General Manager of Irving Oil Marketing. This is why were happy to be part of The Parents Supervised Driving Program. It is our hope that our support of this educational effort will help make safe driving a way of life for everyone.
The Parents Supervised Driving Program encourages parents and teens to drive in a variety of weather conditions and unfamiliar settings, whether it is in more rural, highway, city and heavy traffic routes.More and better experience practicing driving with parents is a key to reducing teen crash rates.

The program was developed in partnership with Safe Roads Alliance, a not-for-profit advocate for improved highway safety, and Travelers Marketing, a marketing and sponsorship agency.

"Parents are in the best position to assure that their teens become safe, smart drivers, said President of Safe Roads Alliance Jeff Larson. This program gives them a resource that will help teens make good decisions once they are licensed."

More information on the program and downloads of a PDF or e-reader file can be found at:

Link to Information on teen driving.


Press Conference to launch the Parents Supervised Driving Program
From left to right: Director Morneault, BMV, Representative Parry, Senator Valentino, Representative McLean, Senator Mazurek,
Secretary of State Dunlap, Representative Theriault, Representative Peoples, Representative Werts, Representative Turner,
Representative Powers, and Jeff Larson, President, Safe Road Alliance.