Maine Motor Vehicle Franchise Board
October 31, 2013 & November 1, 2013

The Maine Motor Vehicle Franchise Board met in the Executive Conference Room on October 31, and November 1, 2013, to hear testimony from witnesses in the matter of Darling's v Chrysler Group LLC. Seven Board Members attended the hearings; they were citizen members' Jill Goodwin of Belfast, and William Dowling of Augusta; Dealer Members' Donald Lee of Cumberland, William Sowles of Yarmouth, and Charles Gaunce of Waterville; and Manufacturer Member Russell McLellan of Westbrook. Citizen Member Timothy Leavitt of Scarborough attended to observe.

John McCurry conducted the Hearing; Judy Metcalf, Esq. and Noreen Patient, Esq. represented Darling's and presented John Darling and George Delle Chiaie as witnesses. Robert Cultice, Esq., Daniel Rosenthal, Esq., Lucy Ewins, Esq., and Wendy Mirkin-Fox, Esq., represented the Chrysler Group and Chrysler employees Alan Stasiak, Ralph Vargo appeared as witnesses.

The Franchise Board will hold its public deliberations on January 7, 2014.