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Using Online Services

Maine.gov makes it possible for you to complete transactions, searches, and interactions with state government online, saving you time and hassle. Dozens of online services for citizens and business are already available, including hunting and fishing licenses, professional licenses, driver license renewals, vehicle registration renewals, tax filing, and much more. New services are being created all the time.

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Many online services are free. Some involve making a payment, such as purchasing a license. Your payment can be completed online, as part of the service transaction. The most common form of payment accepted online is a credit card, but some services offer other options such as e-checks. Each service will state any fees and payment options on the first page.

Privacy and Security

Our online services are built with your privacy and security in mind. We take extra steps to safeguard your personal and financial information (if collected). Please read our Privacy Policy and Transaction Security Policy.

Service Demos

If you're not sure what a particular service is all about, or what it will involve, you may want to go through the service demo first. Many of our online services offer a demo that "walks" you through each step of the service and explains what will happen. You'll typically find the "Demo" link in the upper area of the service's start page, right under the service name.

Getting Help

We want you to have a positive experience with Maine.gov and to complete your transaction successfully. Most online services provide an FAQ with important information relating to that service, and you may want to start there if you have a question. If you need more assistance, you'll find contact information and a "Technical Assistance" link near the bottom of every page. Please note that technical support is available during business hours, Monday-Friday, 9-5 EST.

Subscriber Services

Some online services are available only to InforME subscribers, and some services offer special additional features to InforME subscribers. Generally, these are business-oriented services. If you are a frequent user of our online business services you may want to explore becoming an InforME subscriber.