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The rules listed below are not "official" in the sense they can be presented in a court of law. For official rules, please contact the Secretary of State’s APA Office. Click on the title of the regulation to view the rule in HTML format. By clicking on "Word" after the rule, you can access a Microsoft Word version of the rule. You may print the Word version, duplexed, for inclusion in your Bulletin and Regulations binder.

Regulation Index   Word
Regulation #01 Retention of Records - Financial Institutions Word
Regulation #02 Retention of Records (S&L) Repealed
Regulation #03 Retention of Records - (CU) Repealed
Regulation #04 Corporate Savings Deposits Repealed
Regulation #05 Pre-authorized Payments from Savings Accounts Repealed
Regulation #06 NOW Accounts Repealed
Regulation #07 Activities Permissible for Financial Inst. Holding Companies Word
Regulation #08 Loans Secured by a First Mortgage on Residential Real Estate Payable on Demand Word
Regulation #09 Advertising by Financial Institutions, Credit Unions, Bank Holding Companies and Service Corporation Word
Regulation #10 Share Draft Program - Credit Unions Repealed
Regulation #11 Treasury Tax and Loan Accounts Repealed
Regulation #12 Inactive Account Service Charge Repealed
Regulation #13 Share Certificate Program - Credit Unions Repealed
Regulation #14 Consumer Credit Guide Program Repealed
Regulation #15 Authorization to Join NCUA Central Liquidity Facility Repealed
Regulation #16 Expanded Demand Deposit Powers of Savings Banks Repealed
Regulation #17 Loan Limitations for Savings Banks and S&L Associations Repealed
Regulation #18 Funds Availability and Truth-in-Savings Word
Regulation # 19 Alternative Mortgage Transactions Word
Regulation # 20 Interstate Bank Ownership Repealed
Regulation # 21 Partially Amortized Loans Repealed
Regulation # 22 Securities Activities of Subsidiaries of Financial Institutions Word
Regulation # 23 Insurance Activities in Financial Institutions Word
Regulation # 24

Signature Guarantees/Thrift Institutions

Regulation # 25 Mobile Branches Repealed
Regulation # 26 Guaranty Association Lines of Credit Word
Regulation # 27 Minimum Capital Standards Word

Regulation #28


Loans to One Borrower Word
Regulation # 29 Financial Institutions and Broker-Dealers Engaging in Third Party Brokerage Arrangements Word
Regulation # 30 Distribution of Annuities Through Financial Institutions Word
Regulation # 31 Assessments Word
Regulation # 32 Mutual Holding Companies Word
Regulation # 33 Leasing of Personal Property by State-Chartered Credit Unions Word
Regulation # 34 Credit Union Service Corporation Word
Regulation # 35 Permissible Tie-In Arrangements Word
Regulation # 36 Deposit Production Offices Word
Regulation # 37 Interstate Branch Assessment Word

Regulation # 38

Truth-in-Lending Regulation Z-3


Regulation # 39 Sale of Insurance Products by Financial Institutions and Supervised Lenders Word
Regulation # 40 Student Loan Disclosures Word
Regulation # 41 Assessments - Nondepository Trust Companies, Uninsured Banks and Merchant Banks Word
Regulation # 42 Charges Permitted for Prepayment of Certain Consumer Loans Word
Regulation # 43 Multiple of the State or Federal Minimum Wage Word
Regulation # 44 Mortgage Lending: Guidelines for Determining Reasonable, Tangible net Benefit Repealed
Regulation # 45 Student Loans Word

Last Updated: January 4, 2022