Regulation # Description Status
01 Retention of Records - Financial Institutions (PDF) Active
02 Retention of Records (S&L) Repealed
03 Retention of Records (CU) Repealed
04 Corporate Savings Deposits Repealed
05 Pre-Authorized Payments from Savings Accounts Repealed
06 NOW Accounts Repealed
07 Activities Permissible for Financial Institution Holding Companies (PDF) Active
08 Loans Secured by a First Mortgage on Residentail Real Estate Payable On Demand (PDF) Active
09 Advertising by Financial Institutions, Financial Institution Holding Companies and Subsidiaries or Service Corporations (PDF) Active
10 Share Draft Program - Credit Unions Repealed
11 Treasury Tax and Loan Accounts Repealed
12 Inactive Account Service Charge Repealed
13 Share Certificate Program - Credit Unions Repealed
14 Consumer Credit Guide Program Repealed
15 Authorization to Join NCUA Central Liquidity Facility Repealed
16 Expanded Demand Deposit Powers of Savings Banks Repealed
17 Loan Limitations for Savings Banks and S&L Associations Repealed
18 Funds Availability and Truth-in-Savings (PDF) Active
19 Alternative Mortgage Transactions (PDF) Active
20 Interstate Bank Ownership Repealed
21 Partially Amortized Loans Repealed
22 Securities Activities of Subsidiaries of Financial Institutions (PDF) Active
23 Insurance Activities in Financial Institutions (PDF) Active
24 Signature Guarantees/Thrift Institutions Repealed
25 Mobile Branches Repealed
26 Guaranty Association Lines of Credit (PDF) Active
27 Minimum Capital Standards (PDF) Active
28 Loans to One Borrower (PDF) Active
29 Financial Institutions and Broker-Dealers Engaging in Third Party Brokerage Arrangements (PDF) Active
30 Distribution of Annuities Through Financial Institutions (PDF) Active
31 Assessments (PDF) Active
32 Mutual Holding Companies (PDF) Active
33 Leasing of Personal Property by State-Chartered Credit Unions (PDF) Active
34 Credit Union Service Corporation (PDF) Active
35 Permissible Tie-In Arrangements (PDF) Active
36 Deposit Production Office (PDF) Active
37 Interstate Branch Assessment (PDF) Active
38 Truth-in-Lending Regulation Z-3 (PDF) Active
39 Sale of Insurance Products by Financial Institutions and Supervised Lenders (PDF) Active
40 Student Loan Disclosures (PDF) Active
41 Assessments - Nondepository Trust Companies, Uninsured Banks and Merchant Banks (PDF) Active
42 Charges Permitted for Prepayment of Certain Consumer Loans (PDF) Active
43 Multiple of the State of Federal Minimum Wage (PDF) Active
44 Mortgage Lending: Guidelines for Determining Reasonable, Tangible net Benefit Repealed
45 Student Loans (PDF) Active