Dog Licensing

InforME offers an online dog licensing service. Participation is open to all Maine municipalities and is available to citizens October 15 to January 31 of each year.

Service Benefits

  • No back-end system or digitized records required
  • No credit card merchant account needed
  • No cost to the municipality to join. You will receive a $3 credit from the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry for every dog licensed online. Municipalities are responsible for mailing the tags to dog owners for renewals and new licensing transactions
  • Offer credit card payments securely and safely – InforME is CyberTrust certified, the industry gold standard for security, and PCI/DSS compliant.
  • Payment can be made by a Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card
  • Citizens can license a new dog or renew a license online from a participating municipality at any time during the renewal season
  • Users can license one or more dogs in one payment transaction
  • Customers must provide their dog information including rabies vaccination and alteration details through the online user interface

Easy Administration

An administrative website allows each municipality to manage the dogs licensed online:

  • Track all transactions
  • Access financial reconciliation reports
  • Automate renewal reminder emails to customers
  • Print marketing materials such as posters and brochures for use in your office

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