Information Resource of Maine

InforME (Information Resource of Maine) is the Internet gateway for businesses and citizens to interact with government electronically.

What does InforME do?

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Did you know...

...InforME offers customer support, marketing, business development and accessibility review services?

...all new online services developed by InforME are mobile-ready?

...the InforME contract was a competitively awarded, allowing government entities to contract directly without issuing an RFP, no matter how large the project is?

...InforME has partnered with nearly all state agencies in its fifteen years to produce award-winning services that allow citizens and business owners to interact with government electronically?

...InforME is operated by a private sector company with a staff of 21?

...that InforME offers secure, PCI DSS compliant payment processing services?

...that the InforME contract is a $0 agreement, so the portal doesn't receive any state appropriated funding?

Subscriber Services

The State of Maine offers eGovernment services so that you can interact with state government online. Some online services are free, while others are associated with a fee that require an annual subscription account.

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